15 Awesome Houston Bloggers

Houston Texas Bloggers

Blogging has become a massive global industry. There are many Houston bloggers writing about art, fashion, lifestyle, tech, and more.

If you’re ever looking for opinions on finding the right dress, buying a new makeup brand, or eating at a new Houston restaurant… well these incredible Houston bloggers are a huge source of inspiration for their followers and can be an inspiration for you as well.

These bloggers are reaching people in their own unique way and we would love to mention a few of them.

Awesome Houston Bloggers

These Houston bloggers are simply spreading love, happiness, and wisdom… in their own unique way. If you want to learn more about Houston, Texas… the food, the people, the fashion, and other random things about Houston, then check out these great Houston blogs.

Black Girls Who Brunch by Erika

A food and travel blogger helping her followers find good food around the town. Black Girls Who Brunch helps people cook at home by offering delicious recipes to relish a restaurant-like meal at home.

Style for Breakfast by Meghan Adams

A long-time blogger writing about beauty, travel, shopping tips, and more. The blog Style for Breakfast was started in 2011 and is packed with excellent personal style articles.

Truth or Flares by Brittany

This blogger focuses on fashion and provides the best shopping tips. Her fans love her outfits and styles for petite women.

Hey Ciara by Ciara

A travel blogger helping people find new traveling destinations around the world. Ciara travels around the world and shares pictures and travel experiences with some tips and guides to intended travelers.

Dress Up Buttercup by Dede

Dede is an influencing fashion blogger. Dress Up Buttercup is a platform for women to instigate other women to feel confident. Because of her stunning fashion sense, she predicts upcoming fashion months before.

Uptown With Elly Brown by Elly

Elly Brown’s blog focuses on motivating and uplifting women in all walks of life, either fashion, beauty, or motherhood. Uptown encourages mothers to never compromise on their style and fashion.

Kristina Braly by Kristina

A lifestyle and luxury blogger that focuses on femininity and tries to boost the fashion sense in Texas. She believes in “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

Haute and Humid by Sara

A fashion blogger who knows about the hot and humid weather of Houston. She believes you would have to keep your fashion statement up regardless of time availability and energy level.

Hangry Woman by Mila

One of the renowned food bloggers, Mila knows the food scene is a little exclusive but it has become open. She is giving a push and pull to the food industry that gives it another layer of exclusivity.

Lone Star Looking Glass by Alice

A fashion blogger who is famous for her style tips, fashion, home décor ideas, and travel adventure. She also shares stories about life and motherhood.

Simply Mars by Mars

A fashion blogger, who shares style and beauty tips, fashion ideas, Home décor, food, travel, and much more for her followers.

Champagne & Chanel by Emily

An energetic fashion blogger for whom life is all about doing your best and looking best in your style. She shares fashion tips and tricks, hair styling, and makeup reviews as well.

Houston HotSpots by Matt & Marissa

These food bloggers are working together to assist newcomers with Houston food, events, gatherings, and sites. According to them, life is full of fun-loving, eating delicious food, hanging around, and exploring more and more.

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Mocha Man Style by Frederick J.

The Mocha Man Style is about entertainment and fashion. Frederick J. gives us advice on all areas of life that he sees as necessary. He is a very creative person and a full-time Houston blogger.

The Neon Factor by Diana

The Neon Factor is a daring blog, for women who dare to put their foot forward and keep going! With an unparalleled style that breaks all current fashions. Diana shows us that the world needs more women who want to be unique and creative… women who are trendsetters and do not follow the typical fashion trends.

The B Werd by Courtney

The B Werd is the place to go if you’re looking for tips about fashion and motherhood. Courtney shares her entire personal life here, the challenges, achievements, and failures. The B Werd is all about personal experiences, creating resources, and programs directed toward helping women excel.

2 Girls Who Travel by Val and Kim

These two friends go around the world to show us the wonders of the world. With a laptop, camera, and cell phones, they give us a review of all the places they visit… and when they return to Houston, they give us their best recommendations on where to eat and where to visit.

Brend New by Brenda

Brenda started the blog with tips on how to take care of curly hair. Brenda shares information about fashion tips, lifestyles, entertainment, and much more! Brenda New is a breath of fresh air thanks to Brenda being so charismatic and witty.


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