Great Houston Banks To Check Out

Houston Banks, Houston Texas

If you’re looking to settle in a new city, the first thing is to look for a good bank that offers a suitable mortgage for your new house. Luckily, Houston hosts some of the best banking facilities that cater to diverse audience needs.

Houston banks are famous for their efficient servicing, low charges, and remarkable customer service. This blog takes you through the best Houston banks that can provide unmatched services.

Great Houston Banks

Houston is a big city with many banking options. Not every bank will offer the best account for your situation, though. We’ve decided to create a simple list of popular Houston banks in the city based on curated reviews online.

Chase Bank

Chase Bank hosts one of the largest banking systems in the US; it has over 220 branches across Houston and more than 3000 branches across the US. Chase Bank is recognized as a national bank and is compliant with the regulations set by the state.

It provides a safe pool for your savings and has a reliable network across continents. If you’re looking for a bank for everyday purposes, Chase Bank has an entire portfolio of services you’d need.

They have easy-loan procedures, credit card availability, and other perks that rank them above their competitors. However, the bank may offer lesser returns compared to additional mutual funds, so it might not be the best choice for your retirement fund.


Although its headquarters is in Alabama, BBVA has many locations in the city. As one of the most accessible Houston banks, it has created a name for its services and reliability.

Reports have shown the bank’s active user base is more than 10 million customers, trading millions daily. BBVA has a network of more than 200 branches in Houston, Texas, making it easier to locate in your neighborhood.

BBVA identified itself as ‘the digital bank of the 21st century and has arranged its services to be seamless and quick. You can use BBVA to enjoy a digital banking experience where most services are automated to quicken the process and improve customer experience.

BBVA also has a low minimum deposit requirement of $25, but you may be required to pay $15 as a monthly fee if no transaction is performed across the period.

Woodforest National Bank

The Woodforest National Bank was founded in 1980 and has its headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. The banking network is spread across 17 states in the US and has more than 788 branches.

It has more than 100 branches in Houston, Texas, making it easily accessible for most Houstonians. The Woodforest National Bank has not only mastered the art of providing quality services but is also a customer favorite.

The bank provides unparalleled customer service to its users and has attained their trust and loyalty over time. The bank offers a 24/7 phone helpline and email support that can be accessed by anyone to seek assistance with their offerings.

Nonetheless, Woodforest National Bank has a comparatively smaller network across states and may not be the best primary choice for Texans that love to change locations.


Other popular banks and credit unions in Houston also provide excellent services and customer experience. Texas FirstBank, Capital One, FCCU, and BB&T are some of the awesome banks and credit unions we have in this wonderful city. Every user has different needs, and therefore, you must pay particular consideration to banks’ offerings before reaching a final decision. The goal is to select a bank that addresses your concern adequately and at low costs.

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