October 13, 2018

Houston Search Engine Marketing Agency Case Studies

We are small & proud of it. This allows us to focus on earning quality partnerships.

Being a smaller search engine marketing agency gives us the agility to make moves and not waste so much time having meetings 24/7. If you partner with Appdore, LLC – your business won’t be one of 60 accounts managed by an intern. We will always work on keeping your account on track towards success!

Many bigger agencies have the goal of growing and this often results in overwhelming those account managers (and interns). We believe in having a good work-life balance and will never chase new accounts if it means jeopardizing the quality of our current accounts.

Our SEM Agency Client Partnerships

Switching agencies is time-consuming and costly. Let’s work on building a strong partnership. We have clients who have been with us for a few years now and they still get all the support and attention of a new client. We value partnerships.

For Appdore, LLC, growing a partnership to its full potential over the years is more important than searching for new clients.

Our SEM Agency Marketing Channels

Our primary Search Engine Marketing advertising platforms include:

We also provide Pay-Per-Click Marketing services using the following platforms:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Quora Ads

Our SEM Case Studies

UTSBMI Testimonial Teaser UTD Testimonial Teaser