Yearly Houston Events To Enjoy With Family

Houston Events, Houston Texas

This list features 3 popular Houston events that are yearly and don’t revolve around food. Even though these are not food-based events, it doesn’t put them any lower than cultural and traditional events.

We’ve heard that sometimes people want to go to events and not be tempted by delicious food. We feel the same way! So let’s take time to focus on some of those events. Overall, Houston has several popular events that won’t have you feeling guilty the next day.

Yearly Houston Events

Most of them are unique to Houston and present an exclusive opportunity to feel the rave of the new city. We shall talk about a few Houston events that you shouldn’t miss.

Houston Livestock Show

The festival has a special place for every Houstonian and has been celebrated in February and March since 1932. It is an area-specific event that lasts for about three days, and families visit the rodeo shows presented at various destinations around the state.

The event provides special education about agriculture and how it can be bolstered for the state’s growth. The organizers also use the event to raise funds for students’ college scholarships that help Houstonians ease their debt burden. The livestock consists of cowboys and cowgirls riding on the back and doing various activities to engage the audience.

The modern-day shows also include advanced activities such as VR games and experiences for an unforgettable experience.


While the livestock show might have disinterested Millennials, the Comicpalooza brings them back with fun activities for every generation. Houston hosts the biggest comic event in the world, where various artists present their best works to the audience.

The event was first celebrated on July 19, 2008, during the premier of the Dark Knight at a Houston Cinema. The film was a crowd grabber, and the Comicpalooza activities lit up the premier. The entertainment at the event made it a fan favorite, and people started asking for it the next year.

The rising interest made it unstoppable, and it is now celebrated as an annual festival. The preparations begin in late June, and the event is celebrated with utmost zeal in the next month.

New artists see it as an opportunity to show their skills to the public and gain mass attraction; famous singers also hold concerts that attract people from around the US.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving is a famous festival across the United States, and there aren’t many festivals that match its numbers. Houston has one of the biggest Thanksgiving celebrations across the United States.

Studies show that more than 200000 visitors attend the event during November, and tourists tend to participate in local activities and enjoy local culture. The streets are decorated with beautiful floats, and the sky is filled with colorful balloons; marchers wear colored bands and participate in multiple recreational events across the city.

Thanksgiving night marks the glamorous holiday lighting in uptown Houston; beautiful lights are arranged on poles and shops across the region, and their lighting gives a unique experience for the viewer.

Other popular Houston events include the PRC festival in October and restaurant week in August. Both of them attract various visitors from worldwide. Different ethnicities in Houston also celebrate cultural days, which are a treat to experience.


There is always an event happening in Houston. We wanted to keep this list simple and focus on the evergreen Houston events that highlight the positives about the city that make it a lovely place for new movers.

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