Fun Houston Festivals To Experience

Houston Festivals, Houston Texas

In a city as diverse as Houston, there will never be a shortage of festivals. These yearly Houston festivals are known for celebrating the southern culture, the beautiful art scene, the hardworking chefs, and much more. Houston is the home of many popular festivals that attract tourists worldwide. The reported tourist figures during October and November go beyond 200,000… and most come to participate in traditional festivities.

Yearly Houston Festivals

Most of the Houston festivals started in the early 1900s and have been celebrated traditionally with a modern touch. However, Houstonians have also developed other enjoyable festivals that attract younger audiences.

We discuss a few of the best Houston festivals.

Children’s Festival

If you’re planning a trip to Houston, June is the ideal month to enjoy a unique city experience. The Houston Children Festival was initiated by McDonald’s to raise awareness about child abuse; the ideology behind the festival made it an attraction for most families, and today, it is celebrated with high zeal.

The children’s festival is a 2-day event hosted during the second weekend of June. More than 1000 families attend the celebration in various locations around the state; the best activities include circus play, animal shows, and multiple contests for children.
It presents a diverse view of the city and allows families to spend quality time amongst themselves.

Japanese Festival

Houston is a metropolitan city, and it hosts several festivals highlighting cultural traits and qualities; the citizens love to engage with new cultures and experience different living styles in their native state. The Japanese festival is amongst the earliest country-based Houston festivals; it began in 1990 and is celebrated in May.

Reports have shown a total engagement of more than 25000 visitors every year who experience Japan’s culture in Texas state.¬†Usually, shops and restaurants adopt a Japanese theme that involves decorations and origami to present a distinct look.

Some stalls are set up for Japanese jewelry and national food that add to the festivities. There are often dozens of local food bloggers from Houston here covering many of the new things to eat. There are various activities that are held at regional parks that involve learning Japanese calligraphy, paintings, and origami.

The Heman Park in the city center adds a cherry on the top by arranging a romantic tea ceremony; the tea is prepared in the Japanese style and served uniquely.

International Jazz Festival

Several Houston festivals are based around pop culture, which signifies the standout traits of American music and literature. The international Jazz event is a unique event that brings the state’s best artists to perform and receive appreciation from the masses.

Various parks around Houston are decorated with colorful lighting, and a grand setup is made to host concerts. It is a three-day event celebrated in August and attracts more than 200,00 visitors who appreciate pop culture.

The festival gives an opportunity for new artists to come forward and display their skills to the masses. The concerts at this jazz festival go on for about 16 hours during the three days, and more than 500 artists perform at various locations.

Houston festivals are a great way to enjoy and celebrate your moments with your loved ones. They provide an excellent opportunity to experience the distinct traits of Houston and feel a part of it.


The City Art Festival, Rodeo, and Martin Luther King Grande Parade are other popular festivals in Houston. All of these Houston festivals gather public attention and bring audiences from different parts of the United States. The festivals are hosted throughout the year, and if you are in Houston, you may get the chance to experience a Houston festival without changing your schedule.

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