Houston Food Bloggers and Influencers

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These Houston food bloggers know how to keep us hungry. It sucks being hungry and not knowing where to go or even what to eat. Well, these blogs below will help you figure something out since you’ll either find a new recipe or a place to go eat… and you know Houston has hundreds of good places to find delicious food. Houston is known as the metropolis of Texas, a metropolis with so many successful food bloggers. We wanted to list a few of the Houston food bloggers that we have been following.

Houston Food Bloggers

The food bloggers in Houston may have exactly what you’ve been looking for or at least something different you need to taste. And if you enjoy cooking, you may even find a good recipe to try.


CopyKat is one of Houston’s favorite recipe sites because she makes everything look easy. Along with her charisma and writing style, you’ll find yourself spending hours looking through her site. This site is updated almost every day and is full of recipes. There are almost 2,000 recipes on Copy Cat, all the recipes are easy-to-follow and some have videos to follow along. Simply amazing!

Finding Inspiration in Food

In this blog, besides giving you delicious recipes, she gives you travel tips and brings you adaptations of new dishes she has tried abroad. And she’s constantly updating, so there’s no excuse to avoid cooking something delicious today.

Riyas Ravishing Eats

Just by peeking at her blog where she shares her experiences walking the streets of Houston, you won’t help but get hungry. If you want to find out where to eat the greasiest, carb-heavy food, Riya will guide you and give you her own take on the place.

Taming of the Spoon

Recipes from home and with a lot of love, Taming of the Spoon. Nguyet will take you on a great journey that includes new flavors and exquisite visuals, as the photos that we can appreciate in her blog make your mouth water in a single moment.

Hangry Houstonian

Danielle shows us everything with energy, every restaurant she visits she takes the time to record and show what she has eaten and enjoyed the place. If you’re looking for a well-developed review blog, here’s the one.

Wholly Plants

In Wholly Plants, you will find everything related to plant-based nutrition, and the best, guided by nutrition specialists who will definitely give you the best-balanced recipes for your case. It is a very uncommon blog but definitely worth mentioning because of its importance in the latest lifestyle: Veganism.

Eric Eats

The most junk food you can imagine in Houston, Eric shows you through reels or images and describes step by step the flavors and experiences of visiting the place. Definitely not for the hungry.

Houston HotSpots

These food bloggers have teamed up to be your guides to all things Houston – from mouthwatering food to thrilling events, lively gatherings, and must-see sights. For them, life is an exhilarating adventure, brimming with scrumptious eats, good company, and endless exploration!

Yo Mariana

In this blog you will find recipes in both Spanish and English, Mariana is Mexican and tries to include ingredients from her homeland in most of her recipes because she is very proud of her roots.

Houstons Got Spice

Christina made her Instagram a blog and a very interesting one at that. She shares many different foods and restaurants around the city. HoustonsGotSpice strives to showcase multiple cultures on display at Houston’s food stalls. So if you like variety and trying new things, take a look.


I imagine you’re already hungry! It should be noted that this blog is purely informative, we are not looking to put anyone on a pedestal or say one influencer is better than the other. For us, all these Houston-based food bloggers featured are amazing and their work is exceptional.

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