Houston YouTubers To Check Out

Houston YouTubers, Houston Texas

Houston is a famous city in Texas with an insane number of popular YouTubers. The YouTubers in Houston have risen to fame rapidly over the last few years, and many creators have gained unreal fame.

Today, we discuss the few famous Houston YouTubers and the lessons you could take from them.

Houston YouTubers

These YouTubers are from Houston and know their audience. These creatives have been on the platform for years and have accumulated billions of views with their content.

Liza Koshy

Elizabeth Shaila Koshy was born in Houston, Texas, and received his education from Lemar High School and then higher education from the University of Houston. She has amassed over 17 million subscribers on her main channel and more than 7 million subscribers on her second channel, Liza Koshy.

The channels have been the game changer for the young woman, who seems to impress the world with her daily-life vlogs, unforgettable songs, and informational videos. Her videos’ overall view count is over 3 billion, putting her in the exclusive creators’ club.
Elizabeth has moved from Houston to Los Angeles, where she aims to find newer stories for her videos.

Scotty Kilmer

If you’re interested in cars, be it vintage, sports, or electric, you would have heard about the master mechanic- Scotty Kilmer. The man was born on October 2nd, 1953, and is nearing his 69th birthday. He has been a car mechanic for over 53 years and started his channel in 2007.

Most of his 4200+ videos were uploaded in the last five years and have bought him over 5.22 million subscribers on the platform. Scotty Kilmer has his workshops spread around Texas, but his primary focus has been his home city- Houston.

He recently published his first book, ‘Everyone’s Guide to Buying a Used Car and Car Maintenance. The book was a sensation amongst his fans, bringing him large-scale success. Currently, the channel has more than 2.2 billion views and an estimated revenue of about $1.7 million.

Christian Guzman

The rising obesity demands fitness to care for all ages, and Christian Guzman has set his eyes on curbing obesity. Christian Guzman is a popular Houston-based daily vlogger and fitness expert; most of his viewers follow him for his take on the world. He shows common mistakes that trainers make and how they could be fixed with consideration. A fair share of his videos shows his travels and locations to visit in Houston.

Christan Guzman also owns Alphalete- a clothing apparel brand designed for fitness geeks. Alphalete is known for its high-quality apparel that satisfies standard training requirements.

The brand has also launched its personalized gym operated by Guzman; the early reviews suggest rapid expansion and an opportunity for the brand to become a global sensation. Guzman’s YouTube channel has about 1 million subscribers with over 257 million views on the platform.


Besides the three on our list, Houston has hundreds of YouTubers such as Dominique Sascha, Heidi Somers, and Kristina Braly. All of them have between 800K to 1 million subscribers. Famous YouTubers have been bringing more positive attention to the city and it’s great! We’d love to add more YouTubers to this list over time to show how they’ve highlighted the city’s beauty and traditions.

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