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Ultimate List of Black Bloggers to Support

Blogging as a hobby can be fun, but blogging as your main source of income can be confusing, hard, and very lonely. This is why we decided to create a list of great Black bloggers we love to support.

This Black Blogs We Love article is perfect for readers looking to learn new things from bloggers with high-quality blogs.

Blogging While Black

It’s a new year and blogging is still popular. Blogging is probably getting popular again thanks to trending on social media. Every other influencer these days has some kind of list of their favorite blog. There are a lot of blog lists out there! However, some of the Black blog lists will ignore blog topics such as marketing, finance, and travel. Because of this, we created our own list of Black blogs.

Black Fashion Bloggers

These Black fashion bloggers are teaching us how to embrace fashion with their tips.

Color Me Courtney [founder Courtney Quinn]: A travel and fashion blog about all things colorful. Courtney encourages women to love their quirks and dress outside the lines. Color Me Courtney has become the go-to destination for all things colorful in the blogging space.

Kelly Augustine [founder Kelly Augustine]: From a unique viewpoint, Kelly’s work is centered around her personal style with a focus on beauty, cosmetics, plus-size fashion, and life in New York City.

TrendyCurvy [founder Kristine Thompson]: A plus-size fashion blogger based in Los Angeles. Kristine had a simple mission with TrendyCurvy, to show the world that curvy women can be just as stylish and fabulous.

Black Finance Bloggers

These Black financial bloggers are helping people eliminate debt and save money.

Yes, I Am Cheap [founded by Sandy Smith]: A personal finance blog focused on eliminating debt, saving money, and investing.

Tay Talks Money [founded by Taylor Gordon]: A personal finance blog focused on educating millennials about their finances. Taylor wants to help people live a happy and stress-free life.

Sophisticated Spender [founder Crystal Hammond]: A personal finance blog focused on financial planning, savings for retirement, and being prepared for financial emergencies.

Candice Latham [founder Candice Latham]: A financial blog written by Candice Latham, a successful full-time entrepreneur. The blog is packed with great financial advice and a mission to inspire professional women to get better at mastering their money.

Feel Good Finances [founder Amber Berry]: A finance blog focused on helping entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Amber is a Certified Money Coach who wants to help others identify, understand, and change those bad money habits.

Principles of Increase [founder Aja McClanahan]: A financial blog focused on educating people on how to take control of their money and live a better life in general.

Pocket of Money, LLC [founder Dr. Maria James]: Pocket of Money, LLC is a financial blog that has information and resources for individuals looking for ways to reach financial success, achieve a higher net worth, and build wealth while enjoying life.

Finances Demystified [founder Dominique Broadway]: A financial blog created by the award-winning financial planner, Dominique Broadway. Finances Demystified focuses on helping people understand finances and how money works.

The Finance Bar [founder Marsha Barnes]: A personal finance blog with the goal of providing financial resources and guidance in a creative way. Marsha is a Certified Financial Social Worker with the ability to create innovative financial resources.

The Budgetnista [founder Tiffany Aliche]: A personal finance blog created by the award-winning personal finance educator, Tiffany Aliche. The Budgetnista focuses on budgeting, debit/credit, savings, banking, and travel.

My Money Chronicles [founder Jason Butler]: A personal finance blog focused on educating others about managing their personal finances, reducing debt, and finding good side hustles.

Black Food Bloggers

These Black food bloggers are filling the internet with their tasty recipes and cooking tips.

Jessica In The Kitchen [founder Jessica Hylton]: A food blogger with a mission to provide simple and delicious meal recipes. Jessica In The Kitchen features over 600 recipes, helpful guides, and many culinary tips and tricks.

Southern Souffle [founder Erika Council]: A food blogger with a specialty in Southern soul food. You’ll find fried chicken, cornbread, bourbon, and lots of biscuits here.

The Kitchenista Diaries [founder Angela Davis]: From accountant to culinary entrepreneur, The Kitchenista Diaries is a food blog that teaches people how to take home-cooked meals to the next level by exploring different ingredients, techniques, and tools.

Brown Sugar Mama [founder Nicole]: A food blog with simple and easy recipes using common ingredients. Nicole writes about cooking, baking, and community building.

Grandbaby Cakes [founder Jocelyn Delk Adams]: Grandbaby Cakes is a brand inspired by Jocelyn’s grandmother, she is a successful food blogger sharing her classic recipes in a modern and accessible way.

Afroculinaria [founder Michael Twitty]: A food blog that focuses on his interests in food culture, food history, Jewish cultural issues, African-American history, and cultural politics.

Black Home & Garden Bloggers

These Black Home and Garden bloggers are educating others about interesting hobbies and projects to do around the house.

Wood Life Studio [founder Shirley Jones]: Follow Shirley Jones, a blogger who wants to encourage interest in the woodworking arts for Black hobbyists, especially Black women. Wood Life Studio is a blog with a goal to amuse, educate, and demystify the field.

Black LGBT Bloggers

These Black LGBT bloggers are keeping us entertained and informed about everything about the Black LGBT culture.

G-Listed [founder Waddie G.]: Waddie is an unabashed writer with a popular LGBT blog focused on urban pop and queer cultures.

Black Lifestyle Bloggers

These Black lifestyle bloggers are keeping us entertained with a look into their busy lives.

Locs Life [founder Char O]: Locs Life is a space where those at all points in their loc journey can read about others’ loc journeys, learn maintenance tips, and explore new styles. It also serves as a dedicated space to elevate those in locs community.

Her Modern Life [founder Sydnei]: A lifestyle blog with a modern millennial’s perspective. Sydnei writes about her exciting travels, fashion style, and clever life hacks.

Faith Health and Home [founder Makeba Giles]: A lifestyle blog focused on health, family, and current events for a positive lifestyle. Featuring information and personal articles on health, family, entertainment, and more.

Scout the City [founder Sai De Silva]: A family lifestyle blog writing about fashion, beauty, travel, and family. Along with London Scout, this mother-daughter-duo has filled Scout the City with beautiful images, videos, and articles about fitness, food, travel, and fashion.

Mattie James [founder Mattie James]: Learn all about style, living, family, and beauty through the eyes of blogger Mattie James.

Blushing Black [founder LaTisha Guster]: A lifestyle blogger expressing her thoughts while sharing everything from major sales to decor ideas to motherhood.

DrinkBlackWater [founder Dorrell Beckford]: Follow Dorrell, a blogger writing on Black culture in fashion, music, modeling, and photography.

Hello Bombshell [founder Jenaae Jackson]: Hello Bombshell is a style, lifestyle, and personal development space for women.

Black Marketing Bloggers

These Black marketing bloggers know how to grow a business. These marketing professionals create content about growing an audience and scaling their business.

Side Hustle Pro [founder Nicaila Matthews Okome]: We have followed her since her 2nd podcast episode. Side Hustle Pro is a podcast and blog with relevant marketing tips and strategies! Nicaila Matthews Okome highlights the accomplishments of bold Black women entrepreneurs who have turned side hustles into profitable companies.

Succeed As Your Own Boss [founder Melinda F. Emerson]: A blogger and award-winning marketing entrepreneur, she is the go-to expert for successful small businesses, go-to-market strategies, and social media selling.

Black Mommy Bloggers

These Black mommy bloggers are inspiring women across the world with talks of motherhood, mom entrepreneurship, and family talk.

LaTonya Yvette [founder LaTonya Yvette]: A New York-based mommy lifestyle blogger focused on family, culture, design, style, culture, womanhood, and community.

What MJ Loves [founder Melissa Jackson]: Formally known as Fab Haute Mama, Melissa of What MJ Loves is a mommy blogger with a focus on motherhood, beauty, fitness, and good food.

Rattles & Heels [founder Adanna Dill]: A mommy blog focused on motherhood, family, travel, and style. Adanna is a creative millennial with a love for content creation.

Pharr Away [founder Nicole Pharr]: A mommy blogger writing about the exciting journey of motherhood. Nicole focuses on marriage and motherhood.

LoveBrownSugar [founder Christina Brown]: LoveBrownSugar is about style through the lens of a great digital storyteller. An OG in this digital space, Christina inspires women every day with her tips about mommy entrepreneurship, beauty, style, and travel.

Cherish 365 [founder Jennifer Borget]: A mommy lifestyle blogger sharing her experiences as a millennial mom. Jennifer writes about her stories and lessons, photography and videography tips, and family travel adventures.

Black Tech Bloggers

These Black tech bloggers are doing tech reviews, creating tech guides, listicles of best tech gadgets, and more for their audience.

Brotha Tech [founder Terrance Gaines]: A brand and technology blog providing people with the latest technology news, reviews, tips, and tricks to anyone interested in technology.

Small Biz Technology [founder Ramon Ray]: A technology blog focused on technology solutions that increase efficiency, save money, or increase the revenue of a small business.

Black Travel Bloggers

These Black travel bloggers are bringing up along for an adventure with their visual storytelling.

Will Drink for Travel [founder Ashlee Tuck]: A travel blog with stories to tell. Will Drink for Travel knows about traveling and drinking good wine, beer, and spirits.

One Girl One World [founder Francesca Murray]: A travel blog that’s taking you on an adventure around the world. With a little entertainment and culture talk, One Girl One World has great tips, tricks, and travel advice.

Next Bite of Life [founder KemKem]: KemKem of Next Bite of Life has documented an exciting journey. Learn about other cultures through the eyes of these interracial travel bloggers slowly traveling through Europe.

Rachel Travels [founder Rachel]: An Atlanta-based travel blogger writing about the adventures of traveling and entrepreneurship. Rachel Travels has everything you need to know about becoming a travel influencer, saving money, and travel tips.

O. Christine [founder Olivia Christine Perez]: A NYC-based blogger with a mission to inspire people to focus on travel, wellness, new experiences, and the outdoors.

Minority Nomad [founder Erick Prince]: A photographer and travel blogger on a mission to visit every country in the world.

Gone Girl Travel [founder Carol Cain]: Carol is an award-winning travel and food blogger. Gone Girl Travel has a mission to encourage people to find that unique voice in travel.

Oneika the Traveller [founder Oneika Raymond]: A travel and lifestyle blog penned by a Jamaican-Canadian who has been to nearly 100 countries.

Black Wellness Bloggers

These Black wellness bloggers know about body health, healing, and overall Black wellness.

Food Heaven Made Easy [founders Wendy & Jess]: More than bloggers, Wendy & Jess are Registered Dietitians and certified diabetes educators. Food Heaven Made Easy wants the world to know that nutritious food should be tasty, affordable, and relatively simple.

Black Girl In Om [founder Lauren Ash]: A health and wellness blog to help women of color with their promotion of holistic wellness and self-care.


Our List of Black Bloggers will never be complete. We plan to continue adding more Black bloggers. Help us make this list bigger and better by emailing us your favorite Black bloggers. You can also email us your favorite Black podcasters too, most of them have nice blogs. If you email us, please include a short description.


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