35 Awesome Black Podcasters

Best Black Podcasters
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Podcasting is fast gaining listenership in the past years, and many podcasters are finding it both enjoyable and lucrative to begin podcasting. In fact, the podcast industry is expected to generate over $2 billion by 2025.

Several companies like Google and Spotify are looking to get more involved in podcasting than they already are. Platforms like Anchor FM and Soundtrap have tools that help podcasters create content, edit, and distribute their podcasts in a few easy steps. Besides the commercial and marketing angle of podcasting, many people are turning to podcast listening as a way of learning, self-development, entertainment, and even therapy.

Podcasting While Black

With tons of podcasts centered on various topics, millions of people have made listening to podcasts a favorite pastime. If you love listening to podcasts and you appreciate content by black podcasters, there are as many podcasts you should be listening to right now. These podcasts cover areas like money and finance, body and mind consciousness, relationship, gender-based content, and many other areas.

Here is a list of black podcasts you may want to search for and support.

Black Business Podcasters

These black business podcasts are here to educate their listeners about new entrepreneurship, real leadership, and making money.

Confessions of a Werkaholic by Koereyelle: This weekly podcast explores the lives of great female entrepreneurs and shares the secrets behind their successes. If you are looking to catch some motivation from successful female entrepreneurs, this is the podcast you should check out.

Black Women About Business by Demarra Gardner: This podcast is focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, business, and wellness. The podcast got onto the scene in 2018 but has made its way up the list of best entrepreneurial podcasts for black females. This 20 minutes podcast delivers all the information a black businesswoman should know.

Side Hustle Pro by Nicaila Matthews Okome: This podcast focuses on the lives and businesses of women who have built their side hustles into large successful companies. Listeners can get information about the perfect and practical strategies they need to develop their young businesses into empires in no time.

Spiritpreneur School by Abiola Abrams: A creative blend of soul searching and entrepreneurship is what listeners of this podcast stand to gain. Abiola, who is an author and empowerment coach, is passionate about helping people who are connected to their business by heart to succeed in their endeavors. This podcast highlights how entrepreneurs can use the law of attraction and healing to establish and build successful businesses.

Girl C.E.O. Podcast by Ronne Brown: Ronne Brown extends her C.E.O. community with this podcast that teaches and supports women in business. This podcast helps women honestly assess their limitations, learn about their lives and business, and have fun while at it. Ronne has fantastic guests every week who talk about the girl C.E.O. life and teach many things women should know.

Courtney Sanders Show: Previously called the Think and Grow Chick Podcast, Courtney talks about entrepreneurship, finance management, personal growth, spirituality, and other motivational topics to get listeners gingered towards achieving their goals on the Courtney Sander Show.

Black Finance Podcasters

These black finance podcasts will have discussions about growing your savings, managing your debt, achieving wealth, and more.

Your Money, Your Life by Alfred Edmond Jr.: This podcast centers on the financial lifestyles from how to handle your finance, manage your debt and understand the psychological relationship between you and your finances.

Clever Girls Know by Bola Sokunbi: Financial education and wealth-building are the focus of this podcast. The host teaches women how to handle savings, prevent or get out of debt, build, and maintain their wealth. If you are seeking information on how to manage your funds or build wealth, this podcast is a must-listen for you.

Black Mental Health Podcasters

These black mental health podcasts will help you learn more about self-care, personal development, and managing mental health.

Affirm by Atatiana Jefferson: Mental health, wellness, and wholeness are the focus of this biweekly podcast for women of color. It teaches listeners to value their mental health and achieve wholeness by building and affirming their worth.

Balanced Black Girl by Lestraundra Alfred: This podcast focuses on women of color and discusses facts about achieving wellness, best self-care tips, and a full dose of female self-development. The podcast host has guests over frequently to hold engaging discussions about happiness for women of color, and healthy lifestyle development.

H.E.R. Space by Terri Lomax and Dr. Dominique Broussard: The H.E.R. in this podcast’s name represents healing, empowerment, and resilience, and it focuses on the female gender. Women can have uplifting and meaningful conversations on everything that concerns women, ranging from health to business, and friendships.

Therapy for Black Girls by Joy Harden Bradford: This weekly podcast focuses on personal development and mental health. The host of this podcast is a licensed psychologist, so listeners can expect to get professional advice, news, trends, and mental health information.
Listeners can also get helpful tips about their mental and personal health, and get answers to their questions.

Gettin’ Grown by Keia and Jade: The two hosts are in their thirties and living their adult lives with vigor. Every week, they discuss a lot of topics about black women’s lives, hobbies, pet peeves, self-care, and everything about female development.

Happy Black Woman Podcast by Rosetta Thurman: This podcast is for every ambitious black woman who is unapologetic about wanting to win at everything without any second-guessing. Rosetta encourages and empowers in this podcast focused on personal development. She lets women know that they can have it all if they want to. She regularly interviews powerful and successful black women who have gained freedom in all areas of their lives and are living happy lives.

The Friend Zone by Assante, Dustin Ross, and Francheska Medina: These three friends discuss their life experiences in this weekly podcast where they provide listeners with relevant information and resources.
The hosts of this podcast often beam their searchlight on mental health and help listeners learn about how to make the best of their daily experiences.

Black Lifestyle Podcasters

These black lifestyle podcasts may talk about anything from fun topics, pop culture, goals, adulthood, and a splash of politics.

Black Girl Podcast by Gia Peppers, Scottie Beam: The beautiful hosts of this podcast take ladies on an exciting listening journey as they discuss everything from love to dreams, sisterhood and friendship, growth, and pop culture.

Reid This Reid That by Jacque Reid and Joy-Ann Reid: Two cousins who are journalists host this podcast where they talk about fun topics that concern ladies. From pop culture to black girl magic, and even politics, listeners can keep abreast of recent happenings while having fun.

Hey Jason by Jason Rosario: This platform is run by the host of the Yahoo News series and founder of The Lives of Men. The podcast creates an avenue for men to discuss everything that concerns manhood. Black men can get into an engaging discussion about masculinity and the black man’s life and chronicles.

Halfway Bougie by Courtney Roberts and Perri Furbert: Both hosts talk about all lifestyle topics, including pop culture, life stories, real-life challenges, and situations, including reflective issues. You stand to get a lot of interesting personal stories from the hosts that will get you nodding and laughing at the podcast.

Jemele Hill Is Unbothered by Jemele Hill: Jemele Hill is a culture critic and award-winning journalist who gives his listeners the best of discussions and conversations on lots of issues. She interviews people from every field, including sports, pop culture, politics, news, and other areas. You can be sure of unfiltered discussions and opinions on various topical issues on this podcast.

Jesus & Jollof by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji: This podcast talks about everything happening in society, and all the topics you can discuss, including food, success, and listener entertainment. The two Nigerian hosts of this show will keep you glued for your enjoyment.

Rants and Randomness by Luvvie Ajayi: Best-selling NYT author and blogger Luvvie Ajayi is the host of this belly-cracking podcast where she rants and raves about everything that concerns pop culture and society. Luvvie likes to call herself a professional troublemaker and a side-eye sorceress. You will find out why when you listen to her episodes. Catch up on her episode on Social media Etiquette while you are at it.

Woman Evolve by Sarah Jakes Roberts: This podcast is a review of the top stories of every week with Sarah, who gives her honest and unapologetic opinion about major entertainment and news stories. Catch up and enjoy her views weekly on this podcast.

The Culture Soup Podcast by Michelle Smith: This podcast is the place where culture, business, and technology meet up. Smith interviews emerging and prominent leaders on popular topics, trending issues, and controversial issues.

The Broomstick Podcast by Natalie Edwards: This podcast covers everything about weddings and marriages for black. It features topics that every black woman looking to get married soon should follow.

Black Inspiration Podcasters

These black inspirational podcasts are with the stories, lessons, and discussions to help empower their listeners.

The Glow Up Podcast by Lené Hypolite: This women empowerment podcast is the answer for women who want to achieve success in every area of their lives. Listeners will Glow up after listening to lots of stories, lessons, and advice about their personal life, career, and finances.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! by Selena Hill: This weekly podcast is hosted and produced by Selena Hill and holds compelling discussions for millennials to empower them in different areas. The award-winning podcast informs, educates, and empowers listeners through discussions on social and political issues, and interviews with successful and influential leaders in various areas of society.

The Minority Trailblazer: This podcast is centered on empowering minorities and supporting minorities who are leading with innovations and blazing a trail in different sectors and industries of the country. You can discover the trailblazers in business, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment, etc. on this podcast.

Introverted Black Girl Podcast: The yet undiscovered host of this podcast opens listeners up to the life and experiences of introverts in a world seemingly made and run by introverts. She talks about pop culture and common society biases in a way that every lady can relate to, whether you are an introvert or not. It is also fun to hear about her daily experiences as a black introvert girl.

The Get My Life Tour by Lydia T. Blanco: This podcast is a tour to getting your life in order. Every episode, which is a stop on tour teaches listeners how to get to the center stage of their lives.
Lydia T. Blanco has a lot of experts on the podcast where they show listeners how to live their best life. You learn how to stand for yourself, build yourself, and show up for yourself.

She’s Got Drive by Shirley McAlpine: Executive coach and business consultant Shirley McAlpine is the host of this podcast that strives to find out what inspires and empowers black women. Shirley has guests over on the podcast where she tries to find out the secret or practices behind their success, the strategies they live by, and how they overcame obstacles they face in their lives and careers.

Revision Path by Maurice Cherry: This podcast showcases black creatives, graphic designers, web designers, and world talents. The weekly podcast features interviews with these creatives where they share ideas about their inspiration, work, their inspirations, and their lives in general.

Black Voice Podcasters

These black voice podcasts find unique ways to discuss all topics, such as history, pop culture, and politics, with their listeners.

The Nod by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings: This podcast tells interesting, unique, and exclusive stories of blacks and black life. Listeners of this podcast will learn lots of things, even going back into history. The purple drink’s association with black culture and the 1940s story of an interracial drag troupe are some stories featured in their podcasts. The podcast also celebrates the innovation and resilience of Blacks in America and around the globe.

Everyday Black Men by Join Riker, R. Reed, and Armstead: The hosts of this podcast discuss nearly every topic you can think of, giving you the opinions and points of view of three regular black men. From relationships to pop culture, and other black issues, they cover every topic you can think of.

Hella Black Podcast by Delency Parham and Blake Simons: Each episode of this podcast informs and educates listeners on everything black. Whatever concerns black persons, experiences, and the black life gets featured on this podcast.

Black Comedy Podcasters

These black comedy podcasts will keep that smile on your face as their episodes will entertain and educate their listeners with their unique sense of humor.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast by Rod and Karen: This podcast is hosted by a married couple who have a fascinating, dark comedy podcast in a semi-political delivery. The show is highly successful and has been mentioned in many famous blogs.

The Read by Crissle West and Kid Fury: This hilarious duo gives a recap of the week’s pop culture events, answer the most entertaining and wildest questions from their readers and listeners, and also celebrates black accomplishments.


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