10 Awesome San Antonio Bloggers

San Antonio Bloggers, San Antonio Texas

Time to celebrate the San Antonio bloggers and bloggers doing great things. San Antonio is a city rich in creative people and special places, and many of the tourists who visit this location return as soon as possible. And that’s also thanks to the influencers and bloggers who keep the city relevant through their content and charisma.

That’s why today we want to show you some of the San Antonio bloggers that we think are awesome. This list may be useful for you in the future because it will leave a positive memory of people doing big things in the city, from fashion, lifestyle, food, parenting, and much more.

Awesome San Antonio Bloggers

These great San Antonio bloggers are sharing their love and passion with all of us. If you want to learn about San Antonio, check out the blogs below to get a taste of San Antonio and other Texas cities.

The Big Mama Blog by Melanie

Melanie has one of the best vibes among San Antonio bloggers, her blog is mainly based on finding the emotional balance between work, being a mom, and having to deal with day-to-day life at home. Always take out a space to enjoy watching a show or trying out new products or beauty tips from other viral bloggers.

VentiFashion by Chelsey

With an unusual style, this blogger will keep you up to date with the latest trends, makeup, and clothing. She will also recommend how to get clothes at low prices that will last you a long time as long as you take care of them. The best thing about this blog is that Chelsey tries to give broad advice so that all types of people can adapt and not just be someone who follows fashion trends, but someone who is looking for their style within the fashion world.

Improving My Home by Brenda

Brenda is someone very charismatic who decided to open a blog to share her life, she travels through Texas, her recipes, and above all the experiences she has had with her family. Also, it is worth noting that she is not originally from San Antonio, she has been in the city for 20 years and has grown to love it, so she always mentions the quality of life that can be achieved by moving to this beautiful place.

What Means What? by Melanie

Although not originally from San Antonio, Melanie is a Latina activist who created Que Means What? to include the Latino community in life in the United States and to connect with her followers through her lifestyle, where she proudly shares her Mexican culture. She is the winner of several awards in Texas and San Antonio for her witty way of showing things and her charismatic persona.

Smiles and Pearls by Candice

In this blog, you can find a little bit of everything, from stunning tips on how to dress like a queen, to how to remodel a kitchen on a budget, and most of all DIY content. But what we love most about Candice, is that she motivates people who see her blog to not worry about their pants size and enjoy life to the fullest without thinking about what people will say. If you dress the way you want, this is the ideal way for you, no more hiding rolls or wearing black to look slimmer!

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Olives and Thyme by Megan

If you don’t want to get hungry, we recommend you stay away from the blog. But if you’re looking for new recipes and ways to enjoy food, you’re in the right place. Megan is a food photographer and blogger who loves to cook and visit new places in San Antonio to recommend to her thousands of followers.

Tayler Malott by Tayler

If you are a new mom, this blog is for you, here you will find tips on how to live with your new baby while looking good and feeling comfortable with yourself in the process. Despite first being a beauty blog, it has evolved into a sharing of Tayler’s lifestyle where you can empathize with her and maybe get some funny anecdotes.

Live From the Southside by April

A San Antonio audience favorite starring a Latina who moved here long ago and is looking to help other visitors and new residents adjust to life within the Southside of San Antonio and even around Texas, from places to eat to communities to make friends where you feel comfortable and supported in this new stage of your life. All positive good vibes!

@Siempre_SanAntonio by Gabby

Despite not being a traditional Blogger, Gabby shares through her Instagram and TikTok everything she eats or does in the city of San Antonio with great enthusiasm. From GRWM to food events, she can even teach you how to make some very yummy cinnamon Rolls.

@SerahFaulkOfficial by Serah

With over 1.5 Million followers on TikTok and Instagram, this beautiful woman is dedicated to sharing hair tips for curly or afro-haired girls and basic skincare routines with local San Antonio products. A savior for some, as the weather in the city, can be pretty random and she gives all the tips.


So much for today! This is just a small compilation of what we have found interesting in the city, but there are many more that surely have rich and beneficial content, you just need to dig a little more and especially visit those that we have left previously. See you in the next city of our blog!

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