9 Awesome Dallas Bloggers

Dallas Bloggers, Dallas Texas

There sure are a lot of Dallas bloggers and influencers to choose from! We didn’t have any trouble finding creatives in any niche, but we saw many bloggers focusing on fashion, food, and lifestyle. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn new things about the city, check out these awesome bloggers living in Dallas. You may learn something new and exciting.

Awesome Dallas Bloggers

These Dallas bloggers and influencers love their city and have created hours of content for anyone with similar interests! Check out the sites and Instagram pages below to see why Dallas is an amazing city.

Dessert For Two by Christina

A food blogger that knows about cooking and motherhood. Check out Dessert For Two if you are looking for inspiration for new desserts and meals. as she has four cookbooks and thousands of tips published. She also occasionally gives us tips on motherhood and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

Color & Chic by Hoang-Kim

Despite starting out as a fashion blog, Color & Chic has grown into a healthy lifestyle that includes two people, Hoang-Kim and her husband Johnny. From building a home, to how to save enough money, and even life tips. If you’re newly married or just starting out on your own, you should check out Color & Chic.

Dallas Food Nerd by Elysa and Rory

With over 50k followers, this Dallas Food Nerd started after a couple decided to do a challenge. The challenge was going to 5 Dallas restaurants to find out which one was the best. Fast forward a few years and now Dallas Food Nerd is a blog perfect for anyone to comment on their dining experiences. Additionally, this blog has quick food reviews. They even plan get-togethers for the foodies.

Krystal Schlegel by Krystal

A Dallas-based blogger and influencer that has advice on fashion, travel, fitness, and interior decorating. Anything to do with lifestyle, she’s got it. And if you’re one of those people who love neutral colors, this is definitely the blog to read.

Dani Austin by Dani

A YouTube and Dallas sensation, she is part of the city’s showbiz for her high-quality content focused on transparency and authenticity. Her blog started out as a beauty channel and blog however has turned into something more general but personal. Come here to read about beauty, family, health, wellness, and several other topics.

ToyQueen by Keri

One of our favorite Dallas bloggers is the ToyQueen. Keri is an occupational therapist, toy expert, and parent. With more than 18 years of working with children, she is one of the best people for parenting advice and toy recommendations. Her blog will help others know what kind of toys are recommended for all children, during all stages of development.

One Small Blonde by Brooke

Here you will find tips on food, travel, and fashion. One Small Blonde is much more than you think… the comments from her fans highlight the positivity of this blog. One Small Blonde also focuses on boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Roseybeeme by Rosey

A favorite without a doubt! This Dallas blogger has charmed many readers with her charisma and great style. Although her channel is about fashion and beauty, she always leaves a positive message about loving yourself and that fashion has no sizes… everyone is beautiful!

My Curly Adventures by Jessica

If you want to explore Texas and know the best places in Dallas, this is the blog for you. Jessica is dedicated to giving readers the most beautiful sights and locations of the less popular places around Texas. Jessica, and her husband, are lovers of their culture and seek to share it with anyone who is interested. Her blog is honest, vivid, and easy to follow. We love My Curly Adventures and she is definitely a master of traveling.


As we said before, Dallas has many bloggers. We only listed a few as we’ll slowly add more in the future. We hope you enjoyed learning about these interesting blogs.

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