10 Awesome Chicago Bloggers

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There are many Chicago bloggers in the city and it makes sense. Chicago is huge and is one of the most beautiful iconic places to visit and to live. The Chicago influencers that we highlight will show all of us just how much they love their city.

With these bloggers, there will be blogs ranging from photography, food, travel, and many other topics. Let’s get started!

Awesome Chicago Bloggers

These Chicago bloggers and influencers know their audience very well and have been creating content for years. Check out the blogs below to see why you should visit Chicago one day.

Red Soles and Red Wine by Jennifer

Jennifer is not here to play, her full-time job is to create content. You can rest assured that the content on her blog is high-quality. You’ll find a little bit of everything on this blog, but mostly it’s for wine lovers looking for tips or opinions. In addition, the blog gives savings tips and travel tips for places all over the country. Red Soles and Red Wine has great information about finding the best drinks.

Eat The Burbs by Rachell

Rachell is one of the most famous foodie bloggers in Chicago. With her nice and charismatic tone, she has published many reviews for popular Chicago restaurants. Even if you don’t plan to visit a restaurant, reading her review is still worth it. We love reading Eat The Burbs, but try not to be hungry while reading… or else you may order some food at midnight and break that diet.

Kelly in the City by Kelly

Despite not being originally from Chicago, Kelly and her husband found a home in this beautiful city. Kelly loves Chicago and her blog shows her life in the city as well as the most exciting moments of being a mother of two daughters. The blog also talks about home decor and renovation.

Balanced Babe by Sara

If heavy meals are not your thing, Sarah has the solution for you. At Balanced Babe, you’ll find hundreds of recipes and cooking tips for people who enjoy a balanced yet delicious diet. In addition, Balanced Babe has information about the local Chicago events. The blog even shares tips for keeping your mind clear and calm.

Once Upon a Dollhouse by Caitlin and Dani

This blog is one of the most curious ones because you don’t just have one narrator, there are two! Best friends Caitlin and Dani have been sharing their lifestyle, which they describe as “doll life” for over five years. In fact, each blog is narrated as if they were the protagonists of a story, and then each of them shares their individual experiences.

A Cedar Spoon by Julia

From the photographs to the recipes, everything here is perfect. A Cedar Spoon is a fantastic food blog that has over 100 recipes explained perfectly by Julia. This blog also features travel information as that’s one of her favorite things to do.

The Chicago Good Life by Christine

The Chicago Good Life was created by Christine several years ago to show off the awesome spots around Chicago. From family-friendly events to budget-friendly events, this blog has something for everyone. The Chicago Good Life also has excellent advice on motherhood, family, and marriage.

Yellow Brick Home by Kim and Scott

This married couple shows us how to remodel a home little by little… while living with their children! Yellow Brick Home shows us the decoration of each space that has been adapted to the couple’s tastes. Although it may look simple, this blog packs so much content that will fill you with empathy and love thanks to its narrative.

Chicago Music Guide by Dennis

If you’re a fan of music and outdoor events, Chicago Music Guide is the best site you’ll find to keep you up to date on everything happening in Chicago. Residents and tourists should check out this blog to know about the latest events and new music up-and-comers. Chicago Music Guide has been running for over 17 years, making it the most persevering online Chicago music magazine.

Chicago on the Cheap by Rosalind

This blog is an incredible resource for freebies, discounts, and deals around Chicago. Rosalind has won awards for her writing skills and it shows! This blog highlights great and affordable things about Chicago. She writes about everything from cultural events to the most incredible deals. Everyone can take advantage of this website to find out about free or cheap things to do in Chicago.


These are the Chicago bloggers that we have enjoyed over the years. It’s worth noting that this list is not an official ranking list and this list is not organized by quality. We simply wanted to highlight some awesome bloggers in the city.

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