Car Dealership Online Advertising

Car Dealership Online Advertising

Paid search advertising is an excellent online advertising tool for dealerships interested in pay-per-click advertising services. With paid search advertising, it is possible for your company’s links to show at the top of the search engine results page within a few days after creating a new campaign. Paid search advertising takes the form of sponsored listings on search engines. These listings can also appear as a banner or as animated ads on websites, apps, and videos.

This is where we can help you if you’re interested. Our paid search management starts at $1,995/per month and is month-to-month.

Car Dealership Online Advertising

If you need assistance with paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Appdore can provide car dealership online advertising services for your company. Our specialty is creating campaigns within Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We are a small Paid Search Agency focused on local car dealerships. Auto dealer marketing agencies are often too big to focus on the moment. And because of this lack of focus, big agencies may waste money and time with unnecessary meetings for extra services… in order to force you to stay with them. Appdore will not waste your money or time, we’ll give you everything your previous agency gave you but for a simple fee.

It is important to understand that even though you may have a big budget, there is a lot to think about if you want the best results from your search ads. Creating a high-performing paid search campaign isn’t just set it and forget it… you will need to check out the competition, learn what your customers are searching for, and understand how to market cars online with enticing ads that resonate with consumers.

Putting together a solid paid search advertising campaign for your dealership is one of the best ways to drive customers to your website. Additionally, it is important to properly structure your paid search campaigns. For car dealerships, you should be running separate campaigns for new car digital marketing, used car digital marketing, and services specific to the car dealership. And depending on your current website, it may be possible to use dynamic search ads or even performance max ads.


Overall, when a person searching for vehicles clicks an ad, they will be connected with the available inventory at the dealership for that particular make and model. We want it to be your dealership. We know that you and your company should already have a nice car dealership website set up. We can help you with your Google and/or Microsoft paid search marketing for a simple flat fee.