8 Awesome El Paso Bloggers and Influencers

El Paso Bloggers, El Paso Texas
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El Paso bloggers are showing everyone how cool their city is these days. El Paso, Texas is known for its great diversity of cultures and this definitely makes it a very curious and diverse place to visit. That’s why the El Paso bloggers we’ll feature here will highlight the great things about El Paso in their own way.

Get ready to see what’s great about El Paso, from fun events to important places and tasty food to try.

Awesome El Paso Bloggers

These El Paso bloggers and influencers know their audience very well and have provided us with hours of content. Check out the sites and Instagram pages below to see why El Paso rocks.

Muy Bueno Cook by Ivette

Ivette is originally from El Paso and is very proud of her roots. Her blog features Mexican & Latin-inspired recipes. It is worth noting that Ivette is a favorite throughout Texas. She has won awards for her writing skills and her food skills.

Amongst Stringfields by Jennie

A blog for new moms looking for a healthy and stylish way to live their lives. Among Stringfields follows Jennie’s hilarious and curious experiences at home and with her family.

@NaturallyChea by Michelle

A vlogger specializing in curly hair, helps African American women love their hair and not straighten it by giving them care and attention tips depending on their curl pattern. She also helps women feel good about their bodies and shares fashion and lifestyle tips. She has her content on youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

@Sariis_Makeup by Sara

Sara is a very famous Vlogger in El Paso, Texas, where she shares with her audience how to do your makeup no matter your age and that fashion never goes out of style for your age. She emphasizes that she is over 40 and still stays relevant so people can get motivated and not stop just because a number says “Too Much”.

@AshleyRosales by Ashley

Ashley uses her social media as a personal blog. On her Instagram, Ashley discusses multiple topics ranging from self-confidence in what you do to dress tips. Some of her other topics are based on beauty and makeup tips, as well as trying local products in order to increase local production. As a Latina, she believes that El Paso is a beautiful place that deserves much more recognition.

@EliaEsparzaMusic by Elia

Elia posts on her Instagram about her musical life within El Paso and the travels she takes in the process of achieving national fame. Although she is quite well known in town for her lifestyle and fitness tips and beautiful outfits.

@ElPaso.Eats by Christine

The most awarded Blogger in all of El Paso. Christine is one of the coolest people in the whole city and although it’s not common for her to be exposed on her Instagram. On her page, we can see her photos and food recommendations around town that are 100% trustworthy.

@Sorayanar by Soraya

Soraya creates vlogs on YouTube and content on Instagram ranging from fashion tips to the latest trends. Additionally, you can find fitness tips for women. Soraya focuses on keeping women confident so they can achieve their dreams.


We would love to showcase more El Paso bloggers and influencers. We tried our best to bring you some of the popular creators around El Paso. Since we are based in Houston, our knowledge is a bit limited so if you know of any El Paso creatives, then please let us know by contacting us.

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