8 Awesome Shreveport Bloggers and Influencers

Shreveport Bloggers, Shreveport Louisiana

Shreveport bloggers and influencers deserve the spotlight. Something we can all agree on is that big cities don’t need bloggers or influencers to advertise for them. While small cities often need more support.

This is the case of Shreveport, which despite being a small city and obscured by the shadow of a large city like Dallas, still has many influencers showing their support for their city.

Awesome Shreveport Bloggers

These Shreveport bloggers will show the beautiful places that can be found in Shreveport and the fun events that happen within the city. And for that very reason, today we will show you several of the most outstanding blogs from Shreveport and what they contribute to society. Let’s get started!

True Heart Travels by Candy

This is a travel blog edited and written by a true heart traveler! For the past six years, Candy has been sharing with us tips and enjoyable destinations within Texas and sometimes outside of the country. Although she puts a lot of emphasis on Shreveport, as it is her hometown and has multiple natural sites to visit.

Stuffed and Busted by Chris

Chris Jay is an icon all over North Louisiana, especially in Shreveport, as he is considered the best local food blogger. In fact, he’s practically the only professional one, so you have to really appreciate the recommendations he gives in his articles. They are also quite fun to read because he adds humor to them and takes the pictures himself.

Cobalt Chronicles by Ashley

Although she does not currently reside in Shreveport, Ashley constantly visits the area where she was born and raised. Her blog is personal, ranging from her new process of being a new mom, what she uses on a daily basis, travels she has taken across the country, and overall support the thought of living the healthiest and cleanest life you can.

Courtney Dexter Photography by Courtney

In addition to being a personal blog, Courtney shares with us what her professional photography sessions are like for families, weddings, and even about the nature of Shreveport. If you’ve ever wondered what the professional photography process is like, there’s a lot to learn here. And who knows, maybe you could even pay for a personal session if you’re in town.

Becky’s Farmhouse by Becky

On both her Instagram and her blog, Becky lays out how to properly care for the plants in your garden without impacting the environment with harmful products, as well as sharing a bit of her lifestyle with her husband and kids in the city of Shreveport.

@JakeWyattRiot by Jake

On his Instagram Jake shares with us the beautiful illustrations he does for a living, and on his website, you can see both the comics he has sold and the ones that are streaming through different platforms such as webtoon. He’s not one to show a lot of faces, but if you want to see good illustrations done by hands straight out of Shreveport, this is definitely your man.

@HeyBreCreativeStudio by Christine

Breanna provides her followers with amazing digital art. This Instagram account is a personal and motivational blog that will show you almost daily motivational lettering pieces so you can start your day with creativity, positivity, and self-love.

@Justicewolfe.e by Justice

On her Instagram blog, Justice uploads everything from fashion tips to how to make your life much easier while staying chic. She likes neutral fashion, the cleaner and more natural you look the better. So, if you have a similar style, you already have someone to take advice from!


It would be great to see more people in Shreveport getting involved in providing content about the creatives in the city. If you are a Shreveport blogger or know of any other creatives, then please share their site and highlight them. You can contact us with a short paragraph about their content and we’ll add them to our list.