What to Do With Old Cameras?

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Is there an old camera occupying a significant space in your drawer? Have you purchased the latest camera model and you don’t know what to do with your old one?

There are several interesting ways to breathe new life into your old photo equipment. Here are some ideas on what to do with old cameras. 

Sell Your Old Cameras

Selling your old camera is one of your best options, especially if you can still use some cash to buy new photo gear. You can drop it off at the nearest consignment shop in your area where a hoarder or collector can come across the camera and lenses you once loved.

You can also have it listed on auction websites or put an ad on online websites or in the classified section of your local newspaper. 

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Donate Your Old Cameras

One of the options that are usually overlooked is donating your camera to a good cause. There is a high chance that you will find a local thrift store or charity that would never hesitate to take your old device off your hands.

You can also try to dig deeper to find more deserving outlets. Inquire at local schools to check if they offer photography lessons in their art program. Schools will be happy to take your old camera to loan out to a student in need. 

And many charities would appreciate an old camera. There is probably a photography-related charity that will happily accept used equipment. All you need is to do some online search to look for charities where your old gear can be put to good use. Just like the schools, non-profits will be more than happy to have some donated camera equipment handy. 

Repurpose Your Old Cameras

Getting something shinier, faster, and newer might be exactly what you need to use your old lenses and camera for something fun. Did you always want to give infrared photography a try? Or maybe you want to make a homemade lens amount yourself so you can attach lenses to the camera?

Having an old camera is your opportunity to try something outside the box. You can convert your old camera to a pinhole camera. You can also get affordable imported trinkets from the local home accessory shop to accessorize your old camera and turn it into a cool and unique living room décor. 

Old Cameras Can Be Backup Cameras

A slower and older digital camera could be put to good use as a reliable backup for your new one. Mechanicals and electronics are not perfect and that sparkling new gear might no longer be as a trusty in the future.

Having a good backup camera accessible can save the day, whether you are on a remote vacation or an important commercial shoot. 


The trash can is the last place where you would want your old camera to end up. You can sell it or give it to someone who might be able to use it. Of course, you can also just choose to keep it and then pass it on to the next generation.

As long as you know what to do with old cameras, you can be sure it won’t go to waste, so to speak.

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