What to Do With Old Computer Parts?

What To Do With Old Computer Parts

Are you wondering what to do with old computer parts?

Well, there are actually plenty of options on how to still get the best out of these parts just when you think they are no longer of use.

Sell the Old Computer Parts

You probably don’t have any use for the aged AGP graphics card and Intel Pentium 4 but someone might be looking for them. If you are running out of ideas on what to do with old computer parts at home, you can put them up in online marketplaces and see if they can make you earn some cash.

You can sell them as individual parts or develop them into computers so you can sell them this way. You might not get lots of cash for all your effort but you could still get some pocket money while someone will get the computer parts they need.

Recycle Old Computer Parts

While it might be easy to fall into the temptation of throwing them away, computer parts may contain dangerous metals that you would never want to rot away in the landfill.

Your area might have certain locations and options for recycling and all you have to do is search online to find a free and easy place where you can responsibly get rid of these unwanted parts.

Repurpose the Old Computer Parts

There are some computer parts that you can repurpose by themselves. For instance, an old hard drive can be turned to an external hard drive with just a simple enclosure. A DVD drive can also be turned to an external DVD drive.

If you got really good DIY skills, you can turn this to an external graphics card to enjoy better laptop gaming. Not all computer parts could be repurposed but instead of throwing them out right away, see first if some of them can be used for your current electronics.

Create DIY Projects Using Old Computer Parts

It might not really be useful but in case you got plenty of discarded computer parts and you have the time to do some fun activities, you can always start some fun computer-inspired DIY projects.

For instance, an old PC case can be turned into a unique aquarium. Old graphics cards and motherboards can be used as circuit board coffee table or other cool stuff. Check online for projects you can try or think outside the box to create your very own geek haven at home.


Try any of these ideas on what to do with old computer parts and make the most out of them.

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