What to Do With Your Old Computer?

Old Computer

We are completely certain that all of us, at some point in our lives, have either switched to a new computer or are willing to procure a new one, and there can be several reasons leading up to it.

Your old computer has been with you for too long and has consequentially lost its vitality, you are willing to upgrade to the latest version or, are simply in the mood to do away with it and host your daily activities on your phone henceforth onwards.

Regardless of the cause, a common question that you will be compelled to form in your mind is, “What to do with my old computer”, because the answer to this cannot be as simple as just disposing of it.

In order to make your task easier, we will be pointing a few things that you can do with your old computer.

Donate the old computer

First things first, if you can no more put your old computer to any use, the idea is to donate it. There are three essential places in which it can be donated, and they are a local school, hospital, and charity.

In the first case, that is the school, your computer can be capitalized upon to assemble and reassemble several parts to give the students an insight into the hardware and how their distinct parts and arrangement goes into securing the whole device.

Also, if you consider giving it away to a hospital, try to buy a pocket-friendly educational software and re-install it in the system; here, you must not forget to remove the other software or applications installed in it and were in use.

In case of charitable causes, you can donate the computer regardless of its present condition- even if it is not in a condition to be reused, they will most likely sell off its parts to derive funds for the charity.

Convert old computer to home server

If you are someone who has a wide home network capitalized by multiple users, turning the old computer into a NAS or home server can turn out as profitable.

Nevertheless, the process includes much more than just plugging in the computer into the system because they can end up consuming more power than usual. Apart from obtaining a sturdy power management system to run a few cooling fans around in the circuit, you will also have to set up the operating system altogether so that it doesn’t start malfunctioning at odd times and run in a low-power state when put in the “sleep” mode.

It would be better if you install a proper network operating system like Windows Home Server; acquire the one that costs low yet provides solid features. You can employ an open-source software that is outlined to convert a PC into network-attached storage; mostly, this software mostly allows you to store the previous OS on the hard drive until you have made your mind about the NAS to be utilized.

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Turn old computer into a dedicated game server

Using old computers to host multiplayer games is nothing but a brilliant idea.

If the server of the game can be hosted on a local computer. If yes, you continue with the installation because often a game, which is played online, supports all the dedicated servers.

The most intriguing component lies in the fact that these dedicated game servers use a negligible portion of the system horsepower to efficiently run.

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