What to Do With Old Books?

What To Do With Old Books
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Not many people really like the thought of giving away their old books.

However, there will always come a time when you will feel like you have already outgrown them. It is during these times when it would be nice for you to give your old books a second life.

Read on to know what to do with old books instead of just letting them gather dust in your attic.

Start A Book Exchange Club

Do you know other bookworms? It would be a great idea if you can meet with them every now and then and exchange books. It is a great way to have nice and new discoveries with no need to overload your bookcase.

Turn the Old Books to Something New

Just so you know, there is actually an endless number of things you can make using your old books. For instance, you can transform them into a storage box where you can keep your secret treasures. Old books can also be turned into a lampshade.

If you want an easier project, though, you can use the book pages as a canvas for paintings or drawings. You can find lots of inspiration online for these artsy projects.

Give the Old Books to Mini Libraries

Mini Libraries or Little Free Libraries are now gaining popularity. With the principle of taking a book and returning a book, these are small but accessible book exchange boxes that come in the form of small cabinets placed in front of homes, on street corners, in coffee shops, or in communal buildings, just to name a few.

These are great ways of bringing communities together and making others happy with books that you don’t need or want anymore. See to it that every book you leave behind is not yet too and is still in great reading condition. This book will only work if nice books are left behind.

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Gift the Old Books

If you have some books that you no longer want to read, you can give them to family members, colleagues, or friends who might enjoy it. It would be nice if you can talk about the book over a cup of coffee afterward.

Donate the Old Books

From libraries to schools, shelters, thrift shops, and even prisons, there are actually many places that could use some good books. You can ask around your community to get some ideas. For all you know, you can make other people very happy with books that you don’t need or want anymore.


If you’ve got boxes or shelves of old books sitting around your house, don’t throw them out just yet. Repurpose them to something grand with these fantastic ideas on what to do with old books.

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