8 Great Women Empowerment Books

Great Black Women Empowerment Books

These are a few popular books for black women empowerment to read this year. This list contains mostly new books from popular women authors. In this list, we only mention books above a 90% customer rating. These books for women’s empowerment have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.

So we hope you enjoy this list of positive books

1. The Sisters Are Alright

The most amazing thing about reading The Sisters Are Alright is that it will take you back in time and allow you to understand and reveal the origins of the Mammy, Sapphire, and Jezebel stereotypes. Tamara Winfrey Harris goes into important aspects of life ranging from sex and marriage to beauty and strength. This is a book that interviews women of all backgrounds while making sure that you will enjoy every single page. This is one of the books that every black woman in America should read. It has humor, thrills, and drama and can be enjoyed by many demographics.

2. The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch teaches about the things we need to do if we want to be able to succeed in the modern world. Terrie Williams is going to take you on a journey that allowed her to represent some of the most popular and famous actors including the likes of Eddie Murphy. The Personal Touch gives you a lot of insight into the struggles, the hard work, and the process of achieving success, but most of all, it shows you that you need to be consistent and passionate about your work.

3. Fervent

Fervent is dedicated to the process of prayer, but it deals with the subject in a very creative and clever way. This is the kind of reading that captures your attention because of the fresh approach that it offers. Fervent is a title that you’ll want to introduce to a friend or anyone interested in the subject of prayer being discussed in such an open way.

4. Year of Yes

This is all about learning to become comfortable with things that often make you uncomfortable. Shona Rhimes has an unconventional but luring writing style. The Year of Yes will make you feel that awkwardness and discomfort as she dives deeper into the subjects. Then suddenly you will be glued to each page of her book. This is a brilliant ride by Shonda and you will want to recommend it to your friends. Year of Yes is an excellent book to gift a black woman who needs empowerment or simply needs their spirits lifted.

5. The Little Black Book of Success

Do you want to have a successful mentor in your pocket? According to Elaine Meryl Brown, Rhonda Joy McLean, and Marsha Haygood, their book will serve as the ultimate guide for you to achieve that. The truth is that they are not bluffing because they are all highly successful black women who are going to teach you important lessons on how to achieve success in every area of your life. Think of this book as a GPS that will help you navigate through the most difficult moments.

6. All the Joy You Can Stand

There are all kinds of challenges in life and being able to achieve financial success is hard, but being happy and feeling joy is an even harder task. Debrena Jackson Gandy will show you the way to finding both happiness and success in a way that is going to make you glad that you decided to read this book. You won’t be able to put her book down until you are completely done with it.

7. You are a Badass

Another positive book for women that should be read. Jen Sincero brings us a book that is unlike anything you have ever read before. Not because the content is unique in terms of the topic, but because of the way she masterfully talks about it, you will laugh and relax during this read. This book will show you how to identify when you are having imposter syndrome. You will learn how to love yourself fully and give yourself the chance to create the life that you envisioned.

8. Feel Free

For the first time, essayist Zadie Smith has gathered her nonfiction pieces of work together for us. Enjoy these five essays that offer a perspective on important events in politics and culture.


We hope our small collection of empowerment books for black women is useful for you. And if you like these motivational black books, you may enjoy these books from black authors.

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