What to Do With an Old iPad?

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The new generations of Apple iPad are now slimmer, lighter, and definitely faster than the older ones. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if millions of iPad owners are now upgrading to new models.

If you are wondering what to do with an old iPad, below are some suggestions:

Use the Old iPad as a Kitchen TV

If you love spending time in your kitchen, you might have already considered getting a small television set for the room, especially if the living room is not connected to your kitchen and there is no way for you to watch your favorite shows on your expansive plasma TV.

Why not use your old iPad as a kitchen TV instead? In these times when video streaming services are the trend, you could launch your favorite streaming app and binge-watch all of your favorite series while you are busy preparing delicious meals for your family.

Use the Old iPad as a Cookbook

If you are not a big fan of watching TV while working in the kitchen, you can still make it a mainstay in the room by using it as a cookbook instead. Remove everything that doesn’t have anything to do with healthy living and cooking.

Put your iPad on a stand, connect this for good to a power source, and use this when cooking something creative. The best thing here is that you don’t have to worry that oil will splatter on its display. After all, gone are the days when you need to clean it every day.

Use the Old iPad as a Digital Photo Frame

You might initially think that turning your old iPad to a digital photo frame is impossible, especially since the device will use more energy compared to single-purpose devices that run on CR2 batteries and meant to show photos.

Well, the photo frame here doesn’t refer to the usual one you put on your bedside table that shows photos 24/7. Instead, you can use your old iPad during those times when you might think of buying a digital photo frame.

For example, when organizing your wedding anniversary party, the digital photo frame can be placed in the hallway to show your wedding photos as a way to welcome your guests. Digital frames tend to be a bit pricey so save yourself the expense and use your old iPad for this purpose instead.

Use the Old iPad as a Security Camera

And this is probably the most popular usage of an old iPad. If you have any type of security camera system such as the Ring, ADT, Blink, etc., there may be a compatible iPad app available to download.

After you change a few settings such as the brightness and auto sleep timer, you’ll have an iPad that works as a security camera monitor.

Other Uses for an Old iPad

There are many other uses for an old iPad these days thanks to some useful third-party apps. A few of the popular uses are below:

  • Baby Monitor
  • Music System
  • WiFi Backup Storage
  • Wireless Mouse or Controller
  • Remote Computer Terminal
  • Smart Remote
  • Video Conference Station
  • Always-On Live Streaming Cam
  • Dedicated Reader
  • Digital Calendar
  • Kid-Friendly Learning Tool
  • Mobile Gaming Device


These are just some of the creative ways on what to do with an old iPad. Give them a try and breathe new life to your old device.

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