Best New Tips for Blogging

It looks like you’re interested in starting a lifestyle blog.

Since you’ve already hammered out what it is you want to write about, here are some tips to really make your lifestyle blog stand out and shine!

New Tips for Blogging

When you’re writing blog posts, try to really lay your emotions bare and put them in your posts. Readers respond to real emotion, whether it’s something you’re excited about or something you’re upset about. But even if you choose not to write a blog all about your life, or even if you want a little more privacy, try to write about something you’re passionate about.

This will not only make your writing job much easier, but it will grab readers and show them why they should be passionate about that topic as well.

Introduction to Blogging

Create several social media accounts that are linked to your lifestyle blog niche and be sure to consistently post updates and engagement with your growing audience. You might find that some potential readers will be drawn in by your Instagram feed way before they’re interested in reading your blog. But enough solid, high-quality posts on your Instagram will win them over and turn them into devoted readers.

Another way to increase visibility is to befriend other bloggers. It’s a supportive and engaging community, and if you feature someone’s blog or post, you may find that they’ll return the favor, introducing you to a whole new set of readers.

Be Transparent

Don’t try to trick readers or pull a fast one on them. If you are being sponsored to write a post, it’s much better, in the long run, to be honest, and upfront about it. If you’re worried readers won’t respond well to a sponsored post, you could write about why you decided to accept sponsorship.

It would also be in your best interests to make sure that it is a quality post, sponsored or not so that readers will take value out of it even if they’re not interested in the product. If you try to trick readers and they find out later, their sense of betrayal will be strong enough to completely ditch your blog without a second thought. Blogging communities are based on trust, and you need to be careful to cultivate and maintain that.

Best Days to Blog

Readers like to know what to expect, and they won’t know what to expect if you just blog whenever you feel like it! Chances are there will be some occasions where you just don’t feel like blogging, but consistency is key.

Usually, the best days to blog will depend on your niche. The usual good times are between 6 – 9 pm. So read your data and make a schedule (even if it’s just “twice a week,” any two days of the week) and keep to it so that readers know when they will receive new content and know they can depend on you.

Blog Design Matters

Your lifestyle blog is an online representation of you and your brand, and it’s important that you represent yourself well. Even if your writing is stellar, if your website design and layout and your photos aren’t up to snuff, it will reflect poorly on you.

Also, people like things that are aesthetically pleasing and are much more likely to read your blog (and trust you) if it all looks good.

Friendly Blogging

I know I said to write what you’re passionate about and that sometimes you’re passionately angry about something, but stop and take stock for a moment before posting it on your blog.

If, after your head clears, it seems like a productive thing to write about and bring attention to (a company mistreating workers, a social cause you care about that’s being threatened), write about it in a measured and balanced way. If it’s not in line with what you usually write about, however, keep in mind that your readers might have different stances than you on these topics, and speaking up might lose you some followers.

People come to your blog for lifestyle tips, not politics. And absolutely never say something negative about another person or blog. That will just start a beef that will spin out of control, bring negativity to your blog, and drive readers away. Stay positive and at the very least, polite, about other people.


If you want to really succeed with your lifestyle blog, you have to know what works and what doesn’t work. To do this, pay attention to how readers respond to certain posts. If they like certain posts, do more of that. If there’s less response (or worse, a negative response) to another post, try to figure out what about it isn’t working so you can avoid that in the future.

Another way to gain more insight is to read other people’s blogs, especially really popular ones. See what they do different or better than you, and figure out how you can learn from that, internalize it, and make it your own.

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