What to Do With Old Tablets

What To DO With Old Tablets

We all have old tablets sitting around the house. Do you find it cumbersome and annoying to use your old tablet as it has gotten too slow? Well, don’t worry as there are several ways for you to repurpose your tablet and make it more useful.

What To Do With Old Tablets

This is the question that everyone is asking these days. Well if you have a few tools or 3M stickies, then you can be creative with an old tablet.

Alarm Clock

Install an alarm clock app on your tablet. These apps will let you keep several alarms to schedule several alarms for every day of the week. You can keep your tablet beside your bed or attach it to the wall on another side of your room if you have the tendency to turn off the alarm just to go back to sleep.

Digital Cookbook

You can use your tablet as your digital cookbook where you can keep and store all of your favorite recipes in just one place. There are apps you can use to save online pages, take photos, and scan pictures of recipes in cookbooks saved from magazines, or those you wrote down on cards.

You could organize all of them easily so you can find them right away if you need them. You can then hang the tablet on the wall or place it under the counter so that food won’t splatter on it while you cook.

Baby Monitor

If you have an old tablet, you don’t have to buy a new monitoring system for your baby. Pair it with your smartphone and you can easily keep an eye on your little one.

There are also apps you can download and install on your tablet so you can use them as a camera in your baby’s room.

Movie Player

There are apps you can install on your tablet where you can preload videos on your device. Just attach your tablet to the back of your car seat to give ultimate entertainment for your little ones, especially during long trips.

Command Center

For families that are always on the go, it is all too easy to forget some errands or miss some appointments. Your old tablet can be used as a command center to avoid these issues. Install apps to make things easier and simpler for you.

With the help of these apps, your family can add important events for everyone to know what is coming up. You can use them to set reminders such as throwing the garbage, writing notes to one another, or adding essential items to the grocery list. You can keep your tablet on the wall in one central location so that every family member can see and use it.

Remote Control

Do you find it bothersome to use different remote controls for your TV and other devices? Just download a good app and keep the tablet handy for everyone to use as a remote. You see, there are a lot of different ways for you to reuse and repurpose your old tablet. All you need to do is to be a bit creative so you can put it to good use. As you now know what to do with old tablets, you can be sure that you can keep them out of the landfills where they can end up damaging the planet.