32 Good Gadgets for Men

Cool Gadgets for Men
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Our cool gadgets for men list has been updated for the year. We want to continue helping people find those new cool gifts.

As we know, tech gadgets are getting cooler and smaller each year so let’s take some time to check out the new gadgets people like to buy.

You probably already have the most popular trendy gadget sitting at home. Instead of more Apple or Samsung tech, let’s talk about the other cool gadgets out there. This is a list of the few cool gadgets for men.

Below are our favorite tech gadget deals we have found so far, from a folding keyboard to a cheap smartwatch. We’ve also thrown in a couple of cool gadgets that will let you express your geeky side.

First up are the popular gadgets for men based on all the reviews we’ve seen online.

So, we hope you are able to find something weird and different for that special friend this year.

Some of these gifts and gadgets are quite silly but many people love silly gifts.

Collectible Iron Man Mark 44 – Hulkbuster

Hulkbuster Cool Gadgets for Men

An 11″ 1/12 scale Hulkbuster figure with high-quality gloss and metallic painting. The Hulkbuster has LED lights in different parts of the suit including the chest, eyes, palm, knees, and feet. This collector’s item will arrive in a Pristine Collector Packaging.

Electric Folding Scooter


Not all cool gadgets for men have to be related to computers or video games. Check out this electric scooter for the guy that likes to ride around his neighborhood in style.

Car License Plate Camera

Cool Gadgets for Men License Plate Camera

The gift for the best friend that sucks at driving. This license plate camera is great for helping drivers backup, parallel park, or drive backward? Drivers are able to maneuver their vehicles into reverse without fear of bumping into anything. Strangely, this license plate camera has the ability to do live streaming. A weird gift such as this license plate camera is useful and will make your friend laugh.

Walkie-Talkie Flashlight

Cool Gadgets for Men Walkie Talkie Flashlight

Now you can have a walkie-talkie and flashlight all in one. This clip walkie-talkie flashlight is perfect because it provides great sound and hours of usage, thanks to the 1500 Li-ion battery. So if you’re looking for a reliable walkie-talkie that has great range then check out this walkie-talkie flashlight.

The Action Camera

Cool Gadgets for Men HD Sports Camera

Being able to take excellent footage of the strangest situations is going to require a great camera. This is a great camera, and it has fantastic battery life. Outgoing friends will enjoy this lightweight action camera as it can record all of your extreme activities. It has micro SD support and a large display for previewing your videos. This is definitely the cheapest and highest-rated action camera you will find.

Digital USB Lighter Watch

Cool Gadgets for Men USB Lighter Watch

This Digital USB Lighter Watch is one of the most innovative cool gadgets for men available. Perfect for anyone that wears watches and often needs a lighter. Anyway, this package comes with a USB lighter watch and charging cable. This lighter watch allows your friend to leave the old school lighters behind while providing them with a nice-looking watch.

Keychain Stun Gun

Stun Gun

Protect your friends by giving them a keychain stun gun that has 6,000,000 volts.

Camera Spy Lens

Canon Lens

This camera set is one of those cool gadgets for men that are private investigators, like Jessica Jones. Some people love to take pictures!

Blue LED Light Up Umbrella

LED Umbrella

Friends wanting a new umbrella will love this blue LED umbrella that looks like a lightsaber.

Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter

Allow your wine to breathe using speed and technology. This wine decanter oxygenates the wine in the aeration process. Make your wine taste better!

LED Showerhead

LED Showerhead

A self-powered LED showerhead that constantly changes colors.

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Another one of those cool gadgets for men, women, and children that love the awesome Thanos. Snap your finger!

Camping Stove

Camping Stove

A small compact camping stove for the campers.

Wine Bottle Glass

Wine Bottle Glass

A big wine bottle glass for the person that loves huge amounts of wine.

Hangry Kit

Hangry Kit

The Hangry Kit is the ultimate snack pack, perfect for everyone!

Toilet Night Light


A motion detected toilet night light for those late nights.

Gadgets Under $500

This is our list of gadgets list with gadgets under $500.

Gadgets Over $500

This is our updated list of weird gadgets priced over $500.


We hope you find something interesting in our men’s gadgets list!

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