What to Do With an Old Laptop?

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Your old laptop might no longer be as fast and reliable as it used to be but it doesn’t mean it no longer has a purpose.

After you salvage and transfer all the valuable data in it, there are several great ideas on what to do with an old laptop.

Save the Old Laptop Hardware

Remove any salvageable components from the laptop such as the SSDs, hard drives, and SO-DIMM RAM modules. You can repurpose these components into external drives to be used in another device.

Use the Old Laptop Monitor

This is for the computer hardware experts. You can detach the laptop monitor and use it as a standalone display provided that you no longer have any use for the entire device. This will definitely require a bit of DIY work yet it lets you use the screen of your laptop as a secondary desktop display.

Recycle Your Old Laptop

Don’t just dump your old laptop in the garbage bin and instead, look for any electronic collection program to help you in recycling the device. There are many organizations that accept these old laptops and you can easily find them online.

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Donate The Old Laptop

There is always a high demand for used electronics to help someone who might be in need. Remove anything important in the hard drive then go to charities accepting old electronics like your laptop.

Trade-In The Old Laptop

There are also places that let you trade in your old laptop in exchange for gift cards. Whatever amount you receive will depend on the laptop’s current condition.

Sell The Old Laptop

If your device is still in good working condition, why not try selling it online? As there is a special market for electronics that are no longer functional, you can have your laptop listed on any of these sites as well.

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Repair The Old Laptop

Another good idea on what to do with an old laptop is to format its drive and begin with a clean slate. As you know, long years of accumulated files and software can slow down your device. You can open the device and clear off the dust.

This boosts the performance of your device as cleaning can help improve ventilation and reduce thermal throttling. You can also install a lightweight operating system for your laptop to become more responsive.

Use the Old Laptop as a Media Station

If you have no plans to say goodbye to your old laptop any time soon, you can use this for playing movies or storing your favorite music provided that your device is still functioning obviously.

Use the Old Laptop as a Digital Photo Frame

Transform your old laptop into a photo frame. This is a cool project that also lets you save the hardware at the same time.
Never let your good old laptop gather dust in the corner. Society is already wasteful enough so try not to make the problem worse.

Use these tips on what to do with an old laptop to make the most out of your discarded device.

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