Pros and Cons of Buying Laptop, Desktop, and Mac?

Pros and Cons of Buying Laptop, Desktop, and Mac

The face of computers has been making galloping progress for quite some time now and with the range of options available in each of its distinct categories have made it all the more difficult for one to evaluate the functions and value of each.

Thus, in this article, we are going to keep aside the specific characteristics and discuss the overall advantages and disadvantages of investing in a laptop, desktop, and Mac so that you can arrive at a calculated decision and know what to buy and whatnot.

Laptops Pros

The biggest advantage of investing in a laptop is its portability and simplistic and time-effective methods of repair. With the changing needs of the professional world, in order to adapt to the latest terms, one must design ways that come with lesser risks and more convenience, and a laptop works exactly in the same manner.

There is a wide range of options to choose from and in turn a larger number of companies that manufacture these devices based on the market competition and customer needs. If you are looking for something that will perform all your assignments at once and save a considerable amount of time, then the laptops are the best choice.

Laptops Cons

The only difficulty with laptops is that they are not quite sturdy; one needs to handle them with the utmost care and protect it from every bit that carries chances of exposing its vulnerability. Also, when you are investing a huge sum to procure the computer, your expectations of using it over the years and invariably aren’t fulfilled.

Thanks to it’s lightweight and size, the laptop can accidentally fall and immediately show signs of damage, or sometimes, one can forgetfully leave it back in the vehicle that was riding them back home.

Desktop Pros

The most crucial pro of a desktop computer is its affordable price; if you are someone who has just started his career and initially cannot afford to purchase a high-end laptop or PC, then the desktop is the best choice.

Moreover, desktops are highly customizable, meaning if you wish to add or subtract certain hardware to replace it with something that serves your needs with enhanced efficiency, you can always do that.

Desktop Cons

The list of cons that are associated with a desktop computer seems endless; but on narrowing down to three most glaring ones, we are left with firstly, its LCD screen looking at which for prolonged hours can strain the eyes and lack clarity, secondly, its size which inevitably takes up a huge portion of the room and lastly, the slow and obsolete mechanisms that would run slowly and take up a lot of time of yours to complete a single assignment.

Mac Pros

If you take a survey around the world, you will find that most people are loyal users of Mac and to them, nothing suits their needs any better and justifiably so. Starting from its sleek and feather-weight style to the versatility, from its simple user-interface to its vulnerability to lesser viruses, it all adds up to hail Mac as the most popular version of computers in every corner of the technological spectrum.

Additionally, Mac’s customer service ranks the best and prompt source of assistance when the user faces trouble with his device.

Mac Cons

The number of cons in the case of Mac is arguably small. The only two disadvantages that we think might bother a customer is its lack of variation as they are manufactured single-handedly by Apple and the other one being its high price and lack of efficiency when used in a network outside of Macbook.

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