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What To Write About – Finding Better Blog Post Topics

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Are you still wondering what to write about? As you know, your content must be engaging to your audience. Your content must capture the attention of your audience.  And your content must maintain the visitor’s attention for a few minutes. 

Finally, the content should impart knowledge to your audience! This will help propel your blog to the next level… being bookmarked or subscribed to!

What to Write About

Once you’re able to determine why you are writing your blog in the first place, your niche topics should be your next priority. What should you write about? What topics can hold the audience’s attention long enough for them to hear and understand your message? If you want to answer these questions, just continue reading to learn more.

We will focus on a few popular blog post topics to write about.

Blog About Food

Food is always something to blog about because there are so many categories to choose from. With food, something interesting will always be there. Everyone loves to eat and therefore, would want to know about some of the most famous recipes available online. If you love to cook and have a few homemade recipes in your back pocket, you can certainly blog about it. You can also try blogging about your favorite food and any experiences that YOU have with that particular dish. This will make your blog even more relatable to all the foodies out there.

Blog About Traveling

Everyone seems to have a travel blog. Travel blogs are fun and mix well with subtopics. Budget traveling, travel plus food, and travel plus art… travel bloggers can pretty much do anything as long as they are constantly taking great pictures of their adventures. This is another topic that would serve you well in terms of content this year and beyond. If you love to travel alone or with friends and family, you can easily take pictures and post them online along with a short or lengthy description of your experience. This content often appeals to people waiting to hop on the next flight for a weekend adventure. You might even end up collaborating with other travel bloggers down the line.

Blog About DIY

If you’re not fond of traveling or eating, you can easily focus on teaching others about a certain procedure through your blogs. These are usually DIY articles or tutorials. For example, you can blog about how to fix a particular problem that others often have around the house. This will take some research so you’re not writing about an issue only specific to you. You get to tell the people about certain carpentry projects for the home. Any arts and crafts that you might have done yourself should also pique their interest. It should be fun educating your audience, and explaining how you made such projects.

Specific Topics To Write About

You can try current topics or blend some of your favorite topics together to create something special. Other popular topics with growth opportunities include:

  • Spicy Dessert Recipes
  • Offbeat Fashion
  • Future Technology
  • Tiny Home Decor
  • Frugal Living
  • New RV Parents
  • Dog Fashion Tips

The topics above are unique and wacky… because why not! You have so many opportunities to find what works for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, you may want to focus on Fashion… don’t stop there. How about dog fashion or western fashion? You need to niche down, so you can find your audience because being too general will not work these days.


There are many things to blog about these days and if you want to blog about something don’t let the competition scare you off. Simply do the research and see if you can find a few dozen related long-tail keywords to blog about. There are many keyword research tools, we use SEMrush around here and it’s been great for ranking our content.

We’ve included a video below of Neil Patel explaining a clever way to find blog post ideas.

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