30 Creative Ways to Promote Your Blog

Creative Social Media Content Strategies

The journey of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is notoriously challenging and protracted, so we understand you are here to boost traffic to your blog substantially. We recognize that your presence here stems from a desire to increase traffic to your blog substantially. The conventional methods of blog promotion, like SEO, are likely familiar to you, so you don’t need to venture into unfamiliar territory. It’s essential to emphasize, however, that you will have a difficult time navigating the marketing landscape without a solid promotion strategy.

There are several key objectives behind blog promotion. Firstly, it aims to increase the number of visitors to your website, thereby expanding your online reach. In addition, effective promotion aims to establish your brand as a recognized and robust one in your chosen market. Additionally, it boosts your lead generation efforts, increases your ranking for essential keywords, and increases your content conversion rate. Developing an effective social media promotion strategy assists in cultivating authority within your niche as well as generating greater support and engagement.

The blogs that we’ve seen, even when they offer exceptional content and products, have often fallen short of success. You must acquire the skills necessary to promote your blog effectively in order to steer your blog towards success. We’ll look at several widely recognized ways to promote your new blog below, so you can chart your course to greater visibility and recognition.

Build a beautiful and user-friendly website

A good way to make your brand stand out is to have a nice-looking blog. Create a good professional impression by creating a good-looking website. There are a lot of beautiful professional themes on ThemeForest that you can use for your site.

Use social sharing plugins on your website

It is important you ask people to help you share your content. People usually don’t share content most of the time because they feel you don’t need their assistance. Thus, using sharing plugins on your site is a good way for visitors to share your content with others.

Create social media profiles

Nobody wants to get involved with a business that’s not legit, and one way they validate such information is to search for an online presence through social media. Another benefit of creating a social media profile is that it provides a platform to market or promote your business.

Build your email list

It is vital you create your email list on day one. DO NOT IGNORE THE EMAIL LIST! Offer in-depth guides, links to your video content, or something unique. Whatever you do, make a solid plan for your email list.

Live stream your progress

Do some of your work live while chatting with others on popular streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitch, or Periscope. The internet world is noisy and busy, and a good way to cut through the noise, and get active engagement with your audience quickly is to go LIVE.

Conduct a webinar

If you want to improve traffic to your site and promote your products and services, then you should consider conducting an online workshop.

Join LinkedIn groups

Creating a profile on LinkedIn and joining a group can help you grow your network. You need to join a group related to your niche. Then you can connect with other bloggers and establish new friendships.

Video summarize your blog post

You can pass relevant information about your business, what you do, how your product and service can help, and why they should patronize you through a video. Then you can use the video on social platforms to keep your audience engaged.

Create infographics

Lots of people are attracted to well-designed infographics. Create a stunning infographic, pin the infographic to Pinterest, and share it across several communities on the internet. The likelihood of infographics going viral is high.

Join Twitter conversations

On Twitter, you can use the search bar to search for people tweeting about important keywords that are related to your field. To connect to them, hit reply.

Become a star mentee

You can always join someone’s else program and be their best “student” in their program. Doing this will create an avenue for them to mention and promote you because it makes their program look even better.

Create joint ventures

Try creating ventures with people who are preferably non-competitors, doing this creates opportunities to share your audience and grow your business together.

Blog about competitors

If you applied a particular method you learned from someone and made progress with it, thank them. Mentioning a competitor is likely to do more good than bad. After your content is indexed, they’ll eventually see it and may reach out to you.

Conduct a free challenge

Try engaging your audience by creating a challenge that allows them to take action via a challenge. You can even make a product available for them later.

Do a giveaway

Make sure your giveaway has a viral component – don’t just hold any giveaway. Give more points to people who share the giveaway. Your giveaway could go viral if your prize or giveaway has value.

Be a guest speaker

Bloggers and podcasters are always looking for speakers. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills, expertise, and position as an expert or leader in your niche or field. You can also use this avenue to introduce your products or services as an up-sell to what you are offering as a guest teacher.

Create sharable free content

Think about those eBooks, infographics, and other freebies you have saved on your computer. When you create something interesting and good, it’s only natural that people will want to give back by sharing your content with other people.

Try Google Places or Yelp

If your blog has an offline business component then you definitely should get your business verified on Google and Yelp. This is mandatory these days as it will allow you to rank high locally.

Paid Advertisement

Besides social media, there are also other methods you can use to get traffic. You can utilize paid search via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, etc.

Give free course access

Most people are scared of giving out free stuff because they feel their brand will lose value. We believe offering complimentary sessions is a good choice to promote your brand and make it known.

Write testimonials

You can try writing testimonials for other businesses or products. And in return, you may get a backlink or a shoutout on their website or social media page.

Participate in forums

Join forums, be active, and FOLLOW THEIR RULES. Some forums will allow you to enter a web address in your signature, while other forums will allow you to mention your website if it’s relevant to the discussion.

Connect with LinkedIn professionals

LinkedIn is a nice way to connect with successful people. Ensure you connect with as many people as you can on LinkedIn.

Be active on Pinterest

Create attractive content and pin them consistently on Pinterest. If you want your content to be discovered easily, use Pinterest.

Share content with hashtags

See what’s trending when you are ready to share. Maybe it’ll be relevant to your content and you can use hashtags. Alternatively, you can use online tools to find trending hashtags for many niches. With the right hashtags, your blog can get additional exposure on Instagram and Twitter.

Send press releases

Have a good launch party anytime you do something new. Doing this can create hype, grab people’s attention, keep your audience focused on you, and put you on the radar.

Create your own affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a good way to connect to a lot of potential customers if you have products, services, or books for sale on your blog. Here, you allow other people to market your product, and you give them a commission.

Republish your content on Medium

Medium is another good platform where you can share your content. After posting on your blog, you can republish your post on this platform to reach more people.

Guest posts on popular websites

Another good way to tap into a large audience is by guest posing on popular websites. These guest posts will have a longer lifespan. You’ll probably receive traffic for years if you’re able to add your comments on popular evergreen posts.

Create a content round-up

Take a chance and email some influencers in your niche. There is a high chance that those influencers will share your content with their audience. You can see one of our most popular round-up posts here with Ultimate List of Black Bloggers.

The original Black Bloggers round-up list had around 35 bloggers. To grow the list, we asked for contributions using Instagram Stories and Twitter.

Be controversial

The world we live in thrives on “breaking news” and information with a “WTF factor,” unluckily. Next time you write a great article, give it a controversial headline/cover image and share it on social media.

Assist influencers

You can involve yourself in tasks, buy their product, promote activities that have to do with them, or advocate for their business. The point here is to be helpful; these people may turn things around for your business in the future. You can take your business to the next level with one tweet from someone who is influential or has a huge fan base.

Connect with bloggers in your niche

Be friendly and meet with other bloggers, join hands together, and grow together. Working with people has its benefits. You get more support, links, and promotions, and everyone involved benefits from it.

Offer free services for reviews

If your service/product is good, you can get a review for your product with the help of other bloggers. Offer an excellent service to another blogger for an opportunity to get a backlink in return.

Convert blog posts into slideshows

You can gain some traffic using Slideshare. Turn those old blog posts into slides and you may generate huge traffic for your website if your presentation gets featured.

Convert blog posts into podcast episodes

The podcast is a popular medium these days. If you are good at speaking then you can connect with others that are not into reading blog posts. Doing this connects you to a whole new audience. You can upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and other platforms.

Convert blog posts into YouTube videos

YouTube on its own is another search engine. Upload your content on YouTube to connect with a new audience. You can also upload videos to Vimeo if you have time.


Growing your blog through marketing is not that difficult. It is simply time-consuming and tedious. Take some time and plan out your platform strategy. This is one of the tasks that can be given to a virtual assistant. If marketing is new to you, try to focus on one strategy instead of combining too many strategies. We hope the information in this article will be of use to you. Good luck!

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