Why Buy a Smart TV?

Smart TV
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Your old TV set is just not cutting it anymore. Now is the time to upgrade to a smart TV. Get ready to shell out some cash for a brand new TV set to go with all that awesome content in your queue – TV series, movies, and even games! But wait! Should you spend your money on the best hardware available or go with a smart TV – the current rage in the market? Read our take to find out if going the smart TV way is really the best option for you!

Real Smart TVs

Thought that idiot box label was going to stick forever. Think again. A smart TV is literally a marketing term invented to cover any TV capable of Internet access to stream media services. These smart TVs are also capable of running apps (mostly entertainment) just like your phone does, with the advantage of fantastic sound and picture quality of a TV set! Not only can a smart TV connect you to all the fantastic new content available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but smart TVs usually have built-in apps that have access to other forms of on-demand entertainment such as on-demand video, games, podcasts, internet music stations, and web browsers. If you’re big on entertainment then you may want to consider getting a 4K smart TV.

Enhanced Features of Smart TVs

Did you think smart TVs just offered you the same services as that little phone in your pocket – only with a bigger and better screen?

Guess again. The newest smart TVs in the market not only come with built-in apps but cutting-edge features or add-ons like voice recognition and control and the ability to seamlessly integrate with most, if not all of your electronic devices and even communicate with the sensors in the lights and locks in your home – with the breathtaking capabilities of integrated smart home features!

Do You Need a Smart TV

Despite the impressive features and functions of smart TVs, you should be the judge of what provides the most value to you. Smart TVs generally come with an impressive hardware spec sheet, but if you’re in the market ONLY for highest picture quality in your budget range, smart TVs may not be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for the best bang-for-bucks entertainment package with internet, TV, voice commands, and smart home functionalities all rolled into one – smart TV may just be the cool nerdy replacement for that old idiot box on your wall or shelf!

Word to the wise, don’t go only by price tags or brands when buying a smart TV. Look for features, functions, and of course, hardware specifications and reliability. Below are 4 of the best-value smart TVs. Click on a smart TV below and read some of the user reviews from real customers.

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