Which Computer Keyboard to Buy?

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, you already know that having a quality keyboard is worth the money. While there is the standard type of keyboard, there are other types like the flexible computer keyboard, the handheld, the thumb-sized keyboard, and the multifunctional computer keyboard.

So Which Computer Keyboard to Buy?

Before spending money on a computer keyboard, you have to know the specific purpose for it and what type of keyboard you want to buy, for example, the type of keyboard you’ll need for the office is going to be different than the keyboard for gaming sessions.

Connectivity Preference

In relation to connectivity, there are two types of keyboards, wired and wireless keyboards. Wireless keyboards are more popular because it give you, the user more freedom. A wireless computer keyboard connects to the system using either radio frequency or infrared signals. Wireless keyboards are more useful for office users or non-gamers. If you choose to buy a wireless computer keyboard, remember they will probably use batteries.

Wired keyboards, on the other hand, are more popular among professional gamers because they are free from interferences wireless option is often prone to and because of its responsiveness.

Extra Function Keys

Newer models of computer keyboards often come with extra function keys that are used to control the volume of music players or even launch apps. They are usually placed above the F1 to F12 keys. These additional functions usually make navigating much easier.

Type of Keys

Some computer keyboards have raised keys but more desktops and now use laptop-style keyboards. Modern keyboard types of keys now have a mechanical spring in them instead of a rubber dome. These keys have a more springy and consistent feel to them than the traditional ones. They are usually louder and more expensive but all around better than the traditional rubber dome keyboards.

Regardless of what type of keyboard you prefer or the size of your budget, it is very important to note that health and comfort are very important. It is advisable to buy a keyboard that puts less strain on the muscles of your fingers and doesn’t affect your posture.

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