What To Do With A Broken Phone

What to Do With a Broken Phone?

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Did your bedside drawer turn into a stockpile of old broken phones? Or did you just buy a new device but it ended up broken too soon?

There are lots of reasons why phones end up broken. But, there is still hope in the midst of this bad situation. Discover some ideas on what to do with a broken phone:

Get the Broken Phone Fixed

This one is obvious if the phone is a newer model. If you got a broken phone in your hand, you might assume that you need to buy a new one right away.

However, you can save yourself some money if you try to repair it first. There is always the option of getting your broken phone fixed as if nothing happened. As long as the device wasn’t smashed to pieces or crunched beyond repair, parts could be replaced for your phone to look and feel new all over again.

Don’t just believe it if someone tells you that repairing your phone is no longer possible. Seek a second opinion first.

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Sell the Broken Phone

If you want to score some pocket money, those broken devices lying around your house might give you exactly just that. Yes, old and broken phones can be hidden treasures. Broken phones could be repaired or salvaged for their parts, which means that you can earn some cash on the side with your broken gadgets.

There are now places where people can dispose of their broken phones and receive money in return. Some of these find a new life while others get melted down for palladium, platinum, and gold. This can help a lot in saving the environment as it reduces mining and production methods that then to be damaging to the planet.

Recycle the Broken Phone

If the phone is broken beyond repair, make sure you dispose of it in such a way that it is safe for the environment.

On average, people usually replace their phones every 18 months and this only increases the number of new and old devices floating around. What will happen to all of these discarded phones? There are minerals in phones that can be toxic to the planet so always remember to take it to a phone recycling center/bin.

Early Service Agreement Renewal

Many service carriers offer an option for an early upgrade plan that you can fall back on. It lets you get phones at discounted prices that come with signing another contract. Prior to signing any contract, it is important that you analyze first the cost in relation to changing the agreement’s terms.

There are some instances when a deal can save you money when it comes to purchasing a full-priced phone. There are even instances when you will be spending more on the new service agreement than on buying a new device.


Now that you know what to do with a broken phone, see to it you make the right choice and put your device to good use.