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Best Mesh Wifi - Mesh Wi-fi

What is a Mesh Network?

Maybe you’ve heard your tech-savvy coworker brag about their brand-spanking-new mesh network wi-fi but are too embarrassed to ask what it is. Or maybe you’ve never heard of it, and it just sounds like something AI would use to take over the world in a machine apocalypse. Either way, you’ve probably been asking yourself… what …

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Working from Home Productivity

Working From Home Productivity

Many people and business owners have been working from home for a long time now, thanks to the advancement in technology that makes it possible for people to work remotely. Now, with the pandemic, most organizations and their employees are doing the same. This raises the concern about whether working at home increases productivity or …

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Step-by-Step SEO Guide for SEMrush

SEMrush Video Guide

SEMrush has created a huge library of incredible SEO management tools for professionals and agencies. The bad is that SEMrush costs $99.95 per month. The good is that SEMrush is worth more than $99.95 per month. If you want to get your website ranking higher, you’re going to need one of these SEO tools to …

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Best New Tips for Blogging

It looks like you’re interested in starting a lifestyle blog. Since you’ve already hammered out what it is you want to write about, here are some tips to really make your lifestyle blog stand out and shine! New Tips for Blogging When you’re writing blog posts, try to really lay your emotions bare and put …

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New Women Lifestyle Blogs

What is a Vlog or Blog?

Thinking about starting a new vlog or blog too? It’s tempting to want to put your voice out there on the internet. With the proliferation of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and all of the other ways people are making their opinions heard, it seems like the thing to do. In our current society, we’re …

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AR Game

What is Augmented Reality?

John Hanke is an unassuming man from a tiny Texas town who learned how to code in middle school back in the 80’s, the early days of personal computing. Intrigued by some high school students playing a Star Trek game on an old TRS-80, he quickly learned how to code his own games, even earning …

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Buy Children Laptop or Tablet

Kids and Laptops

While tablets have a simple user interface and ease of transport are great for younger children, as kids grow, so do their technological needs. Now, with older children and teenagers, it’s no longer so important to have devices that can be used simply, tactically deployed as timely distractions, and roughly used without being any the …

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More Tablets. Buy Children Laptop or Tablet

Giving Kids a Tablet

In these days of increasingly widespread electronics use and exponential advances in the tech field, modern parents are entering uncharted territory: what tech should I buy for my child? Some might even argue that the question is whether to buy children’s electronics at all. If so, what age? Which electronics? Should children’s usage be restricted? …

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