Should I Buy A Desktop or Not?

Should I Buy A Desktop?

You are probably asking yourself if you should buy a desktop computer. Probably not!

Many years ago a desktop computer was the best option available before we were hit by the gigantic wave of technological evolution. This tech explosion changed the computer industry for all of us… thankfully, stuff got cheaper.

Today, as millennials, when we look back, those days don’t seem far off when we had to sit down in one location, often at school or in a library just to gain access to a desktop computer shared multiple times each day.

Seriously, a laptop will most likely be the best option for you. With a laptop, you never have to deal with being stuck to one location again. Convenience and portability are the best reasons for any user to buy a laptop instead of a desktop.

Should I Buy A Desktop?

Unless you are some kind of power user, then you don’t need a desktop. So in our opinion, the answer to the question of “should I buy a desktop” would be… NO.

The best choice at the moment is Microsoft Surface or Apple MacBook Pro.

In this article, we will provide you with a few reasons why we believe you do not want or need a desktop computer.

Desktop Computers Have Less Availability

First things first, with the swift emergence of laptops and their overwhelming demand, the number of companies and dealers who sell desktops are very less in number which in turn makes it difficult for computers to get one that is simply amazing, without relying on a custom build.

Another factor that stems out of this one is that the amount of money that you have to invest such as HD monitors, power supplies, comfortable computer desk, and a few other things that add to the cost of a desktop setup.

Desktop Computers Are Inconvenient

Gone are days when users had to deal with sitting in uncomfortable seating or unfavorable computer setups. With the nature of jobs that most people are assigned to, sitting for long hours in front of a desktop doesn’t seem to be a wise decision at all.

The lack of mobility further establishes the fact that they may not be the best choice for some users as they will require some effort when it comes to changing locations.

Desktop Computers Bulky Design

Finally, their design seems to be out of date and lacking innovation. The laptops are getting more powerful and small but desktop computers haven’t made any major changes in years.

Computer monitors are often not supported with optimum light and the big bezel screens are wasteful. The large size of many desktop computers requires a lot of space and all the wires are annoying to deal with for some users.


The reason many young adults are buying desktops is because of the online streaming wave. However, most users don’t need a desktop computer these days and can benefit from the portability of a laptop. So unless you have to process a lot of data, plan to do online streaming or heavy video editing, you won’t need a desktop computer.

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