Great Picture Books With Black Characters

5 Picture Books With Black Characters

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Picture books with black characters are great because they get to teach kids about diversity and acceptance. There are quite a lot of black characters in picture books, and the ones we share in this list are not only very appealing, but they also get to teach us quite a lot of things as well.

1. Baby Loves Gravity!

The protagonists here are very funny, and you do get to learn about a baby that understands why food is falling to the ground from his high chair. It’s very interesting and also a cool way to introduce the concept of gravity to your child.

2. Last Stop on Market Street

It’s a nice book that teaches us how to see things from a different perspective. The style is very distinctive and creative, and you as well as your child will be mesmerized by the way the entire story is told. It’s definitely one of the better picture books with black characters you can find out there.

3. Cool Cuts

Not everyone is okay with their hair and style, but this book teaches you how to accept that. It offers a unique perspective over the entire process, while also offering lots of cool, creative ideas into the mix as well. It’s different, but still a great read and it will inspire confidence in the mind of your child, which is always amazing.

4. Mr. Scruff

The story of a boy and his dog finding friendship is really touching and also quite a lot of fun. It’s definitely one of those heartwarming stories that you will want to read again and again. It’s a creative and fun story that is extremely interesting and totally worth a try.

5. Dear Dragon

It’s always great to have this type of touching story because not only is it fun, but it also ends up being very creative and enjoyable. You will appreciate the amazing style and art, but also the fact that it teaches kids valuable things. You always want to appreciate the person underneath and get past the physical aspect.


These picture books with black characters are great and very inclusive and they do teach kids about diversity and lots of amazing things. It’s also a nice collection of stories that everyone will enjoy, including parents!