6 Picture Books About Sleep

Great New Picture Books About Sleep

A great sleep-based picture book can really help your child unwind and relax, and it’s extremely appealing and interesting. You always want to bring in a unique perspective and the idea of having a sleep-based picture book is very exciting.

Here are some great picture books for kids you should get right now.

1. I Don’t Want to Go to Bed!

With this book, you will also be excited to share some amazing times with your kid. The Little Tiger shares his frustration regarding his mom, but after going into the jungle, he realizes that staying up isn’t exactly the way he anticipated. The book has comedic aspects, it’s funny, but it also teaches some great lessons too, which is great.

2. Anna, Stay In Bed!

The book Anna, Stay In Bed! is a short story about a girl named Anna that has trouble going to bed. The story shows us the silly things that kids think about before going to sleep. Overall, it is a great and short entertainment-based read for anyone looking for more diversity in their books.

3. Orion and the Dark

This one is interesting because a lot of kids are afraid of the dark. Here the dark is coming to life and shows Orion, the main character, that things are not as he anticipated. It’s a very creative book that has great illustrations, and the fact that it shows kids they shouldn’t be afraid of the dark is very sweet and exciting.

4. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

We like this picture book about sleep because it shows a red roaring dinosaur is not afraid of anything. Aside maybe from his bedtime, which ensues some hilarious and fun moments. The illustrations here are amazing, and the book quality itself is nothing short of impressive. We like its style, and the quality is downright amazing.

5. Bedtime Is Canceled

A lot of people will like this book because it startling the imagination of kids as soon as they see the beginning. The book itself is hilarious, it has a lot of interesting ideas and it encourages kids to read more and more as they go along.

6. Pirate’s Lullaby: Mutiny at Bedtime

We like this particular book because it has amazing illustrations, and the story itself is pretty cool too. The characters are very creative, and they do add a lot of character and unique ways to complete their objectives.


There’s no denying that you can find a lot of sleep-focused picture books. These are a lot of fun and the great thing is that they encourage kids to push their imagination to the next level. That’s always enjoyable, so it’s a good idea to give them a try!