Should I Buy MSI Stealth or Lenovo Legion?

MSI Stealth or Lenovo Legion

Would you like to enjoy a laptop that performs well on an everyday basis and is capable of supporting the most challenging video games as well?

A gaming laptop can answer to such needs, but which one will provide results as expected?

MSI Stealth vs Lenovo Legion

Our selections for today are MSI Stealth and Lenovo Legion, two stunning gaming laptops that can rise to your expectations. What sets them apart and how to determine which one suits you best are the subjects addressed in the lines below.

Considering that the price difference is rather small between the two, you should focus more on features and performances.

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About MSI Stealth

The MSI Stealth is made entirely out of aluminum, this laptop does not contain one single piece of plastic. So, it is both resilient and lightweight. When it comes to the keyboard of this laptop, the keys are placed comfortably.

However, the travel between keys is a little too short and you may find this inconvenient. But the touchpad may compensate for this, by being responsive and highly accurate. The display offers a Full HD resolution, of course, and the 144Hz refresh rate makes sure you won’t miss a thing.

Advantages of MSI Stealth

The MSI Stealth is a bit more affordable and has a body made entirely out of aluminum, for extended resilience to wear and tear. It is lighter and slimmer, so carrying it around will be extremely easy and convenient. Its touchpad is extremely responsive and the keys are positioned conveniently on the keyboard.

The battery is extremely sturdy, offering 8 hours of usage in a web browsing mode. So, this is a beautiful top-notch laptop that performs amazingly well on a day-to-day basis, giving you the chance to enjoy exceptional video games when you’re in the mood.

About Lenovo Legion

The Lenovo Legion laptop is also made out of aluminum, except for the small plastic plate located on its bottom. If you are careful, this will not trigger any issues. The travel is longer for Lenovo’s keyboard, which may make it a bit more comfortable, but the keys appear to be placed somewhat strangely and you may require a period of accommodation until you master them at the desired speed.

This laptop is also very effective in cooling its system, featuring a large fan at the bottom that will keep its internal parts at an adequate temperature as you use it. The viewing angles on the screen are great, a better white balance, and the same 144Hz refresh rate that will ensure a high level of comfort for your eyesight.

Advantages of Lenovo Legion

Slightly more expensive, the biggest advantage of the Lenovo Legion is its ability to keep itself cool during use. Its cooling system and fans manage to offer a comfortable temperature as you use it, including during gaming times, without having a hot palm rest.

And, despite its efficiency in this chapter, it won’t transform into a noisy laptop. The contrast ratio of this laptop is good, and so are the temperature of the screen and viewing angles.


We are big fans of the MSI Stealth GS65 because of the reasons listed above. You can’t go wrong with either if you’re picking between the two devices… however, the MSI Stealth series has several more options available for people looking for more RAM, storage, or even 4K display options.