5 Unique Fantasy Picture Books

Fantasy Picture Books

Fantasy picture books are great for kids because they bring them to a realm of imagination and excitement. There’s always something fun and enjoyable when it comes to picture books, and you will find yourself amazed by the style and quality. Here are some great fantasy picture books.

1. Red Riding Hood

The story is widely known, but having it created in a way where kids get to learn how to spell and study all kinds of new things is truly interesting. This is definitely something enjoyable and you will find yourself amazed by the quality and style. That’s what makes it stand out, and it’s one of the popular fantasy picture books for kids.

2. My First Treasury Of Magical Stories

What a lot of kids will like here is that they get transported to a realm with dragons, unicorns, and other mythical creatures. There are plenty of great things to learn, and it definitely helps boost the imagination of all children too. It’s totally worth giving it a try if you want a fantasy picture book.

3. How to Catch a Dragon

This book is interesting because it helps kids learn more about China. They get to have a glimpse into the culture, and the life of a dragon, while also learning how to embrace all kinds of cool ideas. It’s totally one of those creative, unique ideas that you will cherish and appreciate, and that’s exactly why you have to give it a try.

4. Not Quite Narwhal

A great picture book tells an amazing story about a unicorn born in the sea. The pictures are downright amazing and the story itself is really cute, which certainly adds to the style and immersive appeal of the book. It definitely stands out if you want a fun and creative fantasy picture book.

5. A Big Mooncake For Little Star

This is a cool origin story regarding the moon phases. It’s one of those simple, yet fun fantasy picture books that are super creative, filled with lots of cool ideas, and still very innovative at the same time.


All of these fantasy picture books are a pleasure to read and you will find them an amazing activity to enjoy with your child. It’s well worth checking it out and you will be amazed by the quality and style they provide. Don’t hesitate and check them out right away!