Best SEO Principles 2023

Best SEO Principles
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Before you can start implementing SEO throughout and on your website, you should have a good understanding of the best SEO principles.

It could be very challenging to be familiar with all the different information and rules involved in these principles.

Not much has changed with the basic SEO fundamentals such as:

  • Using strategic internal linking
  • Having alt tags on all images
  • Providing users with a great user experience

For now, we will focus on a few of the other aspects of SEO. Here are some of the best and most basic SEO principles you should know to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

Take Advantage of Keywords

Those keywords you use in your web pages and the content will increase your chances of appearing in more search results. But before you use these SEO keywords properly, you have to research them in advance.

This research you would do must consist of looking into the keywords (specifically long-tail keywords) used by your competition and researching the keywords that are not commonly used. After you have finished with your research, it is time for you to start putting these keywords to good use.

Use Meta Description

The meta description serves as a summary of the things that your readers will read once they click on that link.

The moment a reader reads your meta description, it is the only chance you got to encourage or convince the user to click on that link.

This is why it is important that you stick with a short but attention-grabbing description.

Have Catchy Titles

Aside from your meta description, your title is also one of those first things that potential readers are going to see before they decide whether they will click on your link or just scroll past it.

You have to take your time to create a title that grabs everyone’s attention and gives them a glimpse of your article at the same time.

There are so many ways for you to spice up your title and there are also lots of words you can use to help you with this. An important aspect of coming up with fantastic titles and headings is to know your audience.

When you know your audience, it will be easier for you to develop not just your titles but also your content that will benefit your readers. Analytics from previous content titles can also be used to serve as your guide in creating new titles.

Create Quality Content

It is never a good idea to just publish content for the sake of publishing it. make sure that every piece of content you publish on your site is of the best quality with a focus on reaching out to your target audience.

It will take some research on your part to ensure that you will publish quality content and at the same time, that you will publish content in such a way that will be receptive to your target demographic. It can mean posting live sessions for questions and answers or posting some surveys that will let your readers express their opinions on your future content.


These are just some of the best SEO principles that you should be familiar with to ensure that you can have your website appear on the top of search engine results pages.