Are Soundbars Worth It?

Are Soundbars Worth It
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Sometimes, all you need is a good soundbar.

In recent times, TV sound quality has taken a downturn in productivity.

As TVs have gotten slimmer in size, so did the space available. The sound quality wasn’t a problem when TVs used giant tubes.

It became a problem with the introduction of the new flat LCD screens. Loudspeakers are too thick and can’t be housed in the slimmer screens, hence the use of speakers with less quality.

This is one of the reasons why having a soundbar is perfect.

Are Soundbars Worth It?

The short answer is yes if you want better sound from your TV.

Speakers in TVs have now become small, usually pointing downwards or away from you. Due to these changes, they are unable to reproduce deep, bass sounds or create high-pitched treble sounds which beg the question are soundbars worth it?. I’m sure you’ll be able to answer that when you’re done with this article.

For some people, there is nothing wrong with their TV sound, it sounds good to them and that’s perfectly fine. With all of these lag and inefficiency comes the need for soundbars. Soundbars are on a continuum between the options of an expensive surround-sound system and the average sound projected from TV’s built-in speakers.

Using a quality soundbar, such as this $200 Yamaha Soundbar, is an excellent choice if you can’t invest heavily in audio but still want something slightly better than your current crappy TV speakers. It has an aesthetic value that is perfect for interior design and It’s zero maintenance cost also makes it deserving of accolades.

What Does a Soundbar Do for Your TV?

Soundbars are placed in front or below a TV, they are generally not tall or deep, but wide, about the width of your TV. They guarantee better sound quality than the TV speakers can offer. They are generally the cheapest and easiest way to get better sound in your living room.

So what does a soundbar do for your TV? For those still battling with the question “are soundbars worth it? ” well, most soundbars, such as this $150 VIZIO Soundbar, have separate tweeters and woofers, which handle the high and low sounds respectively. Most of them also have built-in amplifiers, So all you need to do is plug in your TV and you’ll get sound while some others are like traditional speakers, they need separate receivers. Some of these soundbars have advanced surround processing that creates a faux-surround sound.

Everything that has an advantage also has disadvantages. So to truly answer the question “are soundbars worth it?” you have to compare the advantages of soundbars to its disadvantages.

In our opinion, the best soundbars available are:

Why Soundbars Are Bad?

Sound quality – as earlier stated, soundbars are an option between surround sound systems and TV speakers.

They don’t sound as perfectly as true external speakers, this is noticeable with music. Soundbars are only a slight upgrade to the TV speakers when compared to the surround sound system. However, soundbars are a great option if you’re mostly looking for better sound with movies and TV shows.

Remote control – on average, every home theater gadget comes with its own remote, but soundbars are an exception. A lot of soundbars don’t come with remotes.

They rely on commands from the TV remote. On a first look, it sounds like a good idea; fewer remotes on the table. But in reality, it’s not that awesome. Every time you adjust the volume, there is always an error message on the screen. And this could be very frustrating.


So are soundbars worth it? Yes… in our opinion, soundbars are definitely worth it.

They are simple and inexpensive, devoid of all the connection and loitering issues that come with wires from a true surround-sound system. They are a great option for every budget. If you live in an apartment or a small room, a good soundbar will be a good sound enhancement over TV speakers. And if the soundbar you buy sucks, simply return it.

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