7 Best Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging
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I enjoy blogging as well as reading other blogs out there. This is how many of us learn these days, through a blog or YouTube.

It’s nice to read other people’s point of view. My favorite type of blogs to read are those darn financial blogs.

My blog is still new but I come from a history of serial blogging. I finally decided to stick with one platform after realizing how much free advice I was giving away on social media.

So after creating pages and pages of content for these social media platforms, I decided to blog for myself. I promised myself that I would focus on creating original content for my blog and not on social media platforms.

Benefits of Blogging

My goal with this blog is to use it to replace my income from t-shirt sales as I’m getting tired of the process of chasing trends online & offline, researching for trademarks, creating designs, and advertising the designs. It’s great to have people order custom t-shirt designs or have people love your original t-shirt designs but it feels like I’m always working.

So with this blog, I have a goal of paying off my student loans soon… all $100,000 of it. This first-generation graduate was kind of a big dummy trying to rush through graduate school.

Here are a few of the great benefits of blogging.

Getting New Opportunities

The most important benefit of blogging is the opportunity to get new clients, new guest writers, or new sponsors. If you have been using good keywords or taking advantage of local SEO, your blog will definitely show up in the search engines. This is how you get these new opportunities as people read your content, they’ll want to work with you. This is an important factor when it comes to brand recognition.

Building Your Brand

Your blog can be used as a tool or channel to promote yourself and build your brand. Over time, you’ll become an expert in your niche. Eventually, there will be more opportunities for you such as sponsorships, collaborations, or business opportunities. When building your brand, you want to be honest with your audience. If you are caught lying or cheating then you’ll be blacklisted.

Educating Others

I have learned a lot about blogging, finances, and keto cooking thanks to reading blogs. If we didn’t have blogs then I would have never found a recipe for good-tasting keto cookies (random I know). Hopefully, my blog posts can help and motivate others just like other blogs helped me.

Meeting New People

After you start a blog, you’ll most likely want to build an audience. This is when you’ll meet interesting readers and fellow bloggers. It feels good to talk to other bloggers. I’ve made a few blogger friends thanks to Twitter but I hear that long-term blogging can lead to some great friendships and community building.

Improving Your Writing

Research shows that blogging enhances writing skills. Blogging has had a big impact on my writing skills. It’s far from perfect, however, I know that I will improve. I have more confidence in my writing than I’ve ever had before

Setting Your Own Schedule

Another benefit of blogging is freedom. I want to get my blog to the point where I can set my own schedule and work from anywhere. Being able to set your own schedule is part of the reason that blogging is worth it.

Doing Something Fun

You can have fun making money. This is the biggest benefit of blogging as you can keep it as a simple outlet or go the professional blogger route. Regardless of what is being discussed, you have control over your blog and can write about things that make you happy.


There are many benefits of blogging but these are the most important ones for most new bloggers. With blogging, you can post whenever about whatever… whatever you decide to do, just stay consistent and keep creating good content.

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