Why Us?

Appdore offers a comprehensive Paid Search Plan tailored to meet your current business needs, whether you’re interested in maintaining a steady presence online, testing short-term sales experiments, or wanting to reach those long-term revenue targets.

We understand the challenges you face, and we can relate to your experiences. Having devoted a decade to working with various companies, our journey has encompassed everything from SEO to PPC. The culmination of this experience led us to step away from a six-figure position at one of Houston’s well-known marketing firms, driven solely by a commitment to client satisfaction. In paid search marketing, we’ve witnessed a common narrative—agencies only prioritize the client relationship until the initial setup fees are paid. After that, attention wanes, and services may become impersonal, often limited to a mere hour of campaign management each month, full of calls and meetings upselling additional agency services. This insight led us to adopt a distinct approach.

As a streamlined agency with minimal meetings, offering straightforward subscription plans, and refraining from excessive upselling. Our commitment lies in the careful management and optimization of your paid campaigns, with a dedicated allocation of 5 hours per month to ensure their effectiveness.

While we focus on minimal meetings, we’re available to answer your questions or hop on a scheduled call. Your business holds our top priority, and we are dedicated to helping you grow—be it by maintaining a low cost per lead for enhanced profitability or by protecting your brand presence in search engines. We understand the complexities of running a business and strive to earn your trust in the allocation of your marketing budget.

To kickstart a collaboration, we want to offer a complimentary Paid Search audit and report before you subscribe to our plan. Transparency is important, and we’ll keep you informed throughout our process.