Are Laptop Warranties Worth It?

Are Laptop Warranties Worth It?

Are laptop warranties worth it? Yes, laptop warranties are worth it. In our opinion, laptop warranties are always worth it. Mainly because laptop hardware issues happen randomly and you want to be protected. You depend on your laptop for a lot, both work-related and home needs. You want to ensure your laptop is covered in …

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Are Laptop Cases Worth It

Are Laptop Cases Worth It?

Is a laptop case necessary for your laptop? Should you get a laptop case if you already have a laptop backpack? Well, we think it all depends on the individual. In our personal opinion, if you love your laptop, then a laptop case is necessary to have. It adds extra protection to your laptop against …

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Why Is My Laptop Not Charging?

Why Is My Laptop Not Charging?

You want to know why your laptop is not charging. When your laptop battery is plugged but not charging, this means something is probably wrong. Usually, it’s a simple solution due to a user error but sometimes it can be a serious issue. Laptop annoyances such as not charging can lead to delays in your …

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Laptop Battery Not Charging

Laptop Battery Not Charging

When you plug your laptop into a power source, you’ll usually hear a notification ding or see a little LED light that assures you that all is well in the battery department. Anyway, if you have noticed that connection your laptop power cord is giving you any indications then something may be wrong with your …

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Buy Children Laptop or Tablet

Kids and Laptops

While tablets have a simple user interface and ease of transport are great for younger children, as kids grow, so do their technological needs. Now, with older children and teenagers, it’s no longer so important to have devices that can be used simply, tactically deployed as timely distractions, and roughly used without being any the …

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