Learn How to Start a Fashion Blog

Learn How to Start a Fashion Blog

Blogging demands substantial effort, time, and initiative. Success in blogging requires diligent research to navigate potential pitfalls in content creation. To ensure your journey yields results, here are key blog writing tips for you to grasp.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

Your fashion blog will need a reliable web host and we like using Bluehost for web hosting. The reason we like Bluehost is that they are a recommended host by the Official WordPress website and we have had a great experience with this company. Bluehost has been in business for years. This company treats its customers great and currently offers the best rate for web hosting.

Why Use WordPress for Your New Fashion Blog

  • The 1st reason is for website growth. Most WordPress themes will have the technical stuff in place to help you practice good SEO to rank organically in Google or Bing. There are hundreds of useful plugins in WordPress so you can slowly grow your blog audience, reach a wider audience, and help keep the opportunities available.
  • A 2nd reason is that WordPress is easy to use and is always updated.
  • A 3rd reason is that making money is easier after you figure out your fashion topics to discuss. You’ll eventually have the option to work with better ad networks, fashion blog affiliates, and fashion-based sponsorships.
  • A 4th reason is that you have more control over your content with a WordPress blog. It’s easier to change the appearance and content to keep up with the fast-paced fashion industry.
  • A 5th reason is that it’s easy to import your content from WordPress to other sources. For example, you can easily import cool fashion articles from your blog to a free platform such as Medium.

Why Fashion Bloggers Use Bluehost

Even though you should always do your research, there are several reasons why I believe you should use Bluehost for your WordPress blog. A few of the reasons why many bloggers use Bluehost is because:
  • New fashion bloggers can qualify for a FREE domain name
  • WordPress is FREE and simple to install
  • Bluehost customer service/technical support is great
  • Bluehost web hosting is cheap and reliable for new fashion bloggers
  • WordPress on Bluehost is FREE and has a simple one-click install option
  • Bloggers using their web hosting (instead of the free options such as Blogger/Medium/Tumblr) are usually taken more seriously. Additionally, sponsors and advertisers will want you to have your web hosting to get serious attention with your fashion blog

I. New Domain

Go to Bluehost to register for a new domain and web hosting. Follow below to learn how to start a fashion blog for your future fashion empire.

First, you’ll need to think about the niche of your blog. Then after you have an idea for your fashion blog, you can find a domain name with Bluehost. Take time to figure out your domain name because you will not have the option to get a replacement for free. Good ‘.com’ domain names are around $10 these days.

Note: It’s easier to buy a domain name with Bluehost and create your new fashion blog. However, you can always transfer your current domain to Bluehost if you don’t want to get a new domain.

II. New Hosting Plan

To get the low price of under $4 per month for hosting, you’ll need to sign up for the 36-month plan. Even though you won’t get the best pricing, you can sign up for a monthly or 12-month plan if you aren’t sure about fashion blogging.

Read below if you are interested in the additional services.

  • a. Domain Privacy Protection – this option will hide your contact information from the search engines.
  • b. Site Backup Pro – this option will provide another backup option for your fashion blog.
  • c. Search Engine Jumpstart – this option is for search engine boosting. Not worth it, you’ll eventually want to read about SEO to rank your fashion blog.
  • d. SiteLock Security – this option provides more security for your fashion blog. There are better options out there.
  • e. Comodo PositiveSSL Bundle – this provides SSL for your fashion blog. This will show the little lock in the URL bar to show visitors that your blog is trustworthy. This is a must for any serious blogger.

III. Connect New Domain

  • a. If you did sign up for a domain with Bluehost, you can skip to (Step IV). Bluehost will automatically connect your domain, saving you so much time.
  • b. If you did not sign up for a domain with Bluehost, you’ll need to update your domain nameservers to point to Bluehost. You should have received their nameservers in your new account email from Bluehost. Bluehost nameservers are usually something like this: ns10.bluehost.com or ns20.bluehost.com

IV. Install New WordPress

This is the most important step to create your fashion blog and thanks to Bluehost, it’s extremely simple these days. Once you have your Bluehost information, you’ll use the cPanel in your Bluehost account for a quick install.

  1. Log into your new Bluehost cPanel account
  2. In the Website section, click Install WordPress
  3. Now click the WordPress Install button
  4. First, choose your domain name to install
  5. Next, in the area next to the domain, type a name for your subfolder such as ‘blog’, or leave it blank… if this is a new domain, just leave it blank to keep everything simple.
  6. For the user or password, you can enter anything you want as you’ll be able to change it later.
  7. Finally, read the terms before checking the box
  8. Click the Install Now button to finish the installation
  9. Bluehost should send you login instructions to your email address

Congratulations, you now have a fashion blog. Now is the time to work on creating some content for your blog and take the time to find a nice theme related to fashion. Good luck!

V. New Fashion Blog Resources

  • WordPress Beginners for many useful articles for new fashion bloggers.
  • Official WordPress support for beginners and advanced fashion bloggers.
  • Theme Forest has beautiful WordPress themes for fashion blogs.
  • ConvertKit and MailChimp are the two popular mailing list software.

VI. Top Fashion Blog Examples

  • Caro Daur is a German-based fashion blogger who has a fun style based on her mood.
  • Monikh is a fashion blogger who knows how to make street clothes look more fashionable.
  • MyFashDiary is a fashion blogger based in the United Arab Emirates that focuses on the love of fashion, beauty, travel, and food.
  • Aleali May’s fashion blog focuses on exotic streetwear and high fashion pieces.
  • Joey London is a men’s fashion blog with a minimalist yet exotic approach to fashion, fitness, and travel tips.
  • Fashion Beans is a men’s fashion blog turned magazine that focuses on high-quality fashion.

VII. Top Fashion Blog Topics

Now that you have learned how to start a fashion blog. You’ll eventually run into the problem of what to blog about so here is a list of 20+ popular blog topics for fashion bloggers.

  • Wardrobe Essentials
  • Pieces to Wear for a Season
  • New Wardrobe
  • Top Online Fashion Store
  • 5 Things in Your Closet to Throw Away Today
  • Packing for a Weekend Getaway
  • 5 Stylish Heels for a Night Out
  • New Wardrobe for Work
  • 7 Accessories Everyone Should Have
  • Best Type of Handbags for All Situations
  • Summer Outfit Challenges
  • 15 Quick Beauty Hacks
  • How I Organise My Wardrobe
  • 5 Great Holiday Looks
  • Best Pinterest Fashion Bloggers to Follow
  • How to Dress for a Summer Wedding
  • 11 Fall Party Dresses
  • 5 Things to Keep in Your Purse
  • Tricks to Reuse Old Jewelry
  • Best Jeans for Any Body Type
  • How to Keep Your Closet Organized
  • 7 Fashion Rules Okay to Break

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