What Is The Average Blog Post Length?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be

This average blog post question comes up every year. The truth is that if you simply write strong content for your niche, you’ll be rewarded. However, there is confusion because we see so many successful bloggers publishing 300-word blog posts filled with pictures as well as successful bloggers with 5,000-word blog posts without pictures.

You’ve probably heard many experts talk about longer-form content being more valuable because the algorithm is more likely to rank it. Well, the algorithm is also smart and has evolved to punish articles filled with fluff content.

Average Blog Post Length?

There are many studies out there that recommend around 1,500 words. The expert answer is to simply write great content while providing value to your audience. Do not waste the time of your audience, simply answer the question. You need to only write for your audience and move to the next topic.

It is risky if you write more than the average blog post. These days, you need to get to the point and not rely on fluff. Any additional content must add to the overall topic. It is easy to lose your audience if you write too much content. The platform, Medium, did research to determine how much time people will spend reading a blog post. The average they found was about 7 minutes. In an article about the study, Buffer claimed that 7 minutes equals about 1,600 words.

A more recent survey by Snap Agency found that 51% of respondents wanted to read content that was between 700 and 1,500 words. In contrast, only 27% of respondents answered that blog posts of 300 to 700 words were preferable. A company named CoSchedule took a look at its own high-performance blog posts and discovered that each of its posts on the first page of Google actually had more than 2,000 words, which shows that investing in work to create even more extensive content could be a smart decision for your own strategy.


Our working strategy is to write around 1,200 to 1,500 words for our serious blog posts. However, we’ve seen many successful bloggers succeed with their own unique strategies such as hundreds of shorter blog posts. So just get out there and write a lot of quality content and Google will eventually reward you as they clean up all of the old crap that’s full of fluff. Good luck!

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