4 Best Gaming PCs Under $2,000

Best Gaming PC for Under $2,000

In order to play the best PC games, you’ll need to own one best gaming PCs available.

Luckily, there are more gaming computers for sale if you pick the right brand.

It may take time but it’s possible to find an awesome gaming PC that is prebuilt.

Now, if you want to have more fun then you’ll definitely want to learn about building your own gaming PC from scratch. 

Gaming PCs Under $2,000

All the high-end desktop computers listed below have the best NVIDIA graphics card, an Intel quad-core processor, 16GB of RAM, multiple ports, and the latest Bluetooth.

Gaming on a desktop computer has always been about massive amounts of processing power. Every PC gamer knows this is a must in order to play and stream the best computer games. High-end gaming PCs should be able to handle everything while maintaining optimal frame rates.

These are prebuilt gaming desktop computers that can handle most of the tasks you’ll ever throw at them.

1. Alienware Aurora R10

The Alienware Aurora is definitely the ultimate gaming PC that is priced at just under $2,000. A great purchase for fans of the Alienware brand.

2. HP Omen Obelisk 25L

The HP Omen Obelisk is an affordable gaming PC that was created for the entry-level gamer that isn’t ready to build the ultimate gaming desktop. You can expect this computer to be great at handling video games, recording, programming, and other heavy-duty tasks.

3. iBUYPOWER Trace 4

The iBUYPOWER Trace is a beautiful gaming machine with a powerful AMD processor that can handle all your mid-level gaming needs while sticking to a strict budget of under $800. You are going to love the results that you get from this ultimate PC and Radeon RX 5500 graphics card will enhance the processing power to new heights.

4. CYBERPOWER Gamer Xtreme

The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme line has many powerful desktops that can handle the latest video games and perform at the highest levels with multitasking. The one thing that makes a CYBERPOWERPC different is that it comes with a slick visual enhancement that perfectly complements the hardware power.


PC gaming has evolved and these prebuilt gaming machines are much better than before but they aren’t perfect.

You have so many options and if you don’t like any of the prebuilt gaming PCs, then you know what you have to do. You must build your own gaming PC. It may sound like a chore but in the end, you’ll feel accomplished while saving money on a gaming device that you created.

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