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Hundreds of happy clients.

In just under 5 years, Appdore has developed over 100 websites in multiple industries. Working with many clients in different industries has allowed us to learn and develop with the customer in mind. We always use the best practices and will never follow the web trend of the month. And finally, we will try our best to always provide timely delivery of any assignment we do for you.

Outstanding website quality is what Appdore delivers. We have a goal driven, dedicated team that will work with your business on this website journey. Let us take you from that questionable site to a highly visible, profitable site you’ll be proud to show off.

Team Collaboration


Web Design

Designing a website that gets results and looks good for your new customers.

PPC Marketing

Creating lead generating marketing campaigns for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.


Finding great keywords and optimizing your website so that Google and Bing can rank it.

Social Media

Boosting your social media presence so potential customers know how to find you.

Analytics Reporting

Providing insights analytics for your company in order to dominate in your industry.


Researching the industry to design and brand a modern image for your business.


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Our team


Cartez Augustus

Design, Marketing


Renu Rathour

Development, Design


Feel free to call us at 832.736.7570 or email us at cartez@appdore.com.