Working From Home With Cats and Other Pets

Working From Home With Cats And Pets
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With most parts of the world now practicing social distancing, most employees are now working remotely.

Sadly, there are no more office parties, no more small talk with colleagues, no more free snacks and drinks. And the biggest disadvantage of all is trying to work from home with cats and other pets.

Working from home with cats

You can get easily distracted when you work from home with cats and other active pets. To keep your cat or other pets from getting into your work time, have a set of break times for you and your pet.

As a pet owner, this change can impact the daily schedule of your pet, which may lead them to become confused about your availability during working from home hours.

Like humans, pets thrive well when they have daily routines such as those for feeding, play breaks, and social interaction.

You must remember this while prioritizing your ability to focus when working from home. You can create new daily routines that will benefit both you and your pet.

Hiding from your pet is impossible

Trying to create an office-like setting in your home and ignoring your cats and other pets while you are home is not a good option.

If you have a dedicated room that you can shut the door during working hours, that can help you get work done peacefully. But your pet will most likely camp at the other side of the door.

Your pets know when you are home. That can raise their anxiety and entirely change how their day proceeds. It will be difficult for them to understand why you are not giving them much attention.

Tips for working from home with pets

These working from home with pet tips should help you create positive routines.

As you practice these tips, you too will become more obedient… ?

For those that are new to working remotely, the change in daily routine is an experience that needs progress, not perfection.

1. Check your home office set-up

Make sure your new home office space is safe for not only you and your family members but also all your pets. Cords, cables, and rubbish bins can be dangerous for pets.

Therefore, make sure they are not accessible to them. Cats particularly may be attracted to the warmth of your keyboard or work pad; therefore, ensure they are safe and away from any dangers.

Your pet may bring you all their finest toys to show their love and affection, or just lay close to your feet. You need to also be mindful of these trip hazards. Having a specific workspace at home is great because it can help you balance work and life, and will also ensure you feel like you are not living at your office.

2. Look out for the treats

You need to remember that if you’re not used to working from home, your pets are not also used to you being there during working hours.

Even though you’re spending more time together, and your pet may behave well, avoid giving them more treats or food than they need.

3. Set specific playtime

Time management is one of the biggest challenges of working from home, yet it is very necessary. You can easily become distracted, particularly if the pet is demanding attention or looks cute.

The key here is to have particular playtimes for you and your pet. Having a structured break time will not only help you become more productive, but it will also help to create a routine for your pet.

4. Avoid giving in to your pets’ attention demands

One of the most important tips for working from home when you are a pet owner is not to give in to their attention demands. This includes barking, pawing at you, whining, or nudging their head into your body.

When you give in to these actions, it tells your pet that they can get your attention at any moment. They’ll be the ones training you in this case!

It is recommended to completely ignore your pets when they try getting your attention like this. Avoid pushing or scolding them. They will appreciate any form of attention. And with time, they will know that they are not getting what they want and do something else.

When your pet behaves how you want them to, such as quietly lying down, you can reward them. This will send them the proper signals for how they should behave when you’re working from home.

5. Keep your pets occupied

If cats or other pets are anxious or bored, it can cause them to have destructive behaviors such as marking around the house, chewing on non-pet approved items, or even barking unnecessarily.

To avoid interrupting your workflow such as stopping to scold your pet for chewed up shoes, ensure they have a lot of physical and mental stimulation for when you’re working.

  • Get proactive when you initiate playtime for your pets. For instance, if your pet brings you a toy while you’re at work, take the toy and wait to bring it out until you are ready to begin playtime.
  • Have a boredom box every weekend that has a lot of toys, puzzles, or safe bones. Give them one of these items when they need a distraction.

Tips to keep your pet busy

When your pets lack the opportunity to release their energy, they can get stirred-up and engage in counter surfing, digging out from under the fence, barking at any leaf that moves in the yard, and so on.

A frustrated dog, for instance, has to find some way to release all of its pent-up, unused energy, and, unfortunately, they often negatively do this. Cats can find all kinds of things to get into because they come up with their ways of passing time. Beginning the day right can make all the difference.

If you are a dog owner, try to take the dog out for a walk around the block. This can be beneficial for both of you. Any time you need a break from work, take advantage of the time to use up some of the energy of your pet by playing a game or give them some physical attention such as belly rub or a back scratch.

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