Why Is My Laptop Not Charging?

Why Is My Laptop Not Charging?
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You want to know why your laptop is not charging. When your laptop battery is plugged but not charging, this means something is probably wrong. Usually, it’s a simple solution due to a user error but sometimes it can be a serious issue.

Laptop annoyances such as not charging can lead to delays in your day. Luckily, this type of issue is something that you should not have to experience often.

Laptop Not Charging

Sometimes, the laptop does not charge even when it is plugged into an electric supply. When this happens and you need to finish your work immediately, you don’t have time to sit and wait for a repair or even diagnosis.

This calls for some fast thinking and some handy tricks that can sometimes get your laptop to cooperate. Here is a list of some simple and successful ways of solving this laptop not charging issue, which may help you to recharge your laptop and resume working.

Is everything is plugged in?

The most common cause is the laptop power brick not being fully connected! So first, let’s ensure everything is plugged in properly. Ensure the connector is plugged into the right port on the laptop and that any removable cords are plugged into the brick, and finally, the plug is linked to the wall.

Some new laptops charge through USB-C. Try plugging your charger into the other USB-C port, as if your charger is plugged into the USB-C port that is just used for data transfer, then no charging will happen.

If there is an LED on the end of the cable or power brick, ensure its lit up when plugged in.

Is your electrical outlet working?

Sometimes electrical outlets die or fuse is flipped, you’ll need a professional to check this out. So for now, you’ll want to check an electrical outlet in another room to make sure it’s not a fuse issue.

Can you remove and check the battery?

There are still a few laptops out there with removal batteries. For most situations, if you can safely remove the battery, you can then test the laptop without the battery. If the laptop turns on fine without the battery then it’s more than likely the battery has gone bad.

In rare situations, if this is a software problem, it may be solvable via an update. You’ll have to check online for answers regarding your laptop model and update notes.

Is your laptop getting hot?

If your laptop gets extremely warm when you are using it, it is possible that it is mechanically shutting itself down to save the inside parts from overheating.

This can cause all sorts of issues, including the battery not charging because it is too warm and at risk of being destroyed.


And these are some of the main reasons why your laptop is not charging. Hopefully, we were able to help you find an answer.

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