What is Technical SEO?

What is technical SEO?
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Technical SEO is the optimizations done so a website is ready to be crawled and indexed by the search engine. The optimization can be related to website speed, removing broken links, or making sure your pages are secure. This SEO strategy is one that requires some additional knowledge.

So if you’ve ever wondered, why is the website not ranking higher than expected after months of doing on-page and off-page SEO… well try looking at the technical SEO. Having too many issues can prevent the website from ranking higher. Search engines want their searchers to have the best experience.

Does technical SEO affect ranking?

Yes, it does affect your ranking. Typically this type of SEO is the very last thing that search marketers think about. What they don’t realize is that not addressing these technical SEO issues can result in dips in rankings, crawl errors, and negative engagement metrics. It can even make your website disappear completely from the results pages of search engines.

To ensure that you are familiar with what technical SEO is all about and what you can do to develop an action plan that would prevent your resources from going to waste, continue reading below.

How does technical SEO work?

You probably know by now that search engines are using several ranking factors to determine what will show up in search results. These include mobile-friendly design, website speed, and security.

Technical SEO is an umbrella term used to refer to activities helping search engine crawlers in doing their job and allowing them to index your website properly.

To help search engines do their job, it is important to understand how indexing really works in the first place. Search engines always change their ranking algorithms. It is even said that Google tweaks its search engine algorithm from 500 up to 600 times every year. As a result, this type of SEO continues to change to keep up with these changes.

The details might change yet the final goal stays constant and the same and that is to increase rankings I SERPs through server and website optimizations. These activities, once done together with on-page optimization of non-tech SEO, can help increase the chances of your website being crawled, indexed, and ranked.

What makes technical SEO different from the other strategies?

You can consider technical SEO as everything and anything you can do to increase rankings outside of links and content. It is what makes it different from off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

A quick overview of the different SEO strategies.

  • Off-page SEO involves acquiring high-quality links through guest blogging on websites with high authority, media pitching as well as other things that create external links back to your site.
  • On-page SEO refers to all the things on the front end of your website that increase search ranking, such as internal linking, image optimization, and content formatting practices.
  • Technical SEO includes server and website optimizations built into the architecture or code of a website, from site security to meta tags.


Technical SEO won’t end after fixing the common errors. You have to measure and track the effects of these fixes because it’s easy to make a mistake and tank your website. Prioritize your future activities according to this and you will see positive effects on your organic traffic.