Best First Blog Post Ideas

Blog Ideas
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This article is for new bloggers wanting to work on their blog and eventually get organic traffic from social networks and search engines.

It is important that you consistently come up with a stream of compelling and interesting topics to discuss when blogging.

Good thing that there are actually many sources where you can find some inspiration.

The best first blog post ideas

Whatever your topic might be, our first blog post ideas list has many interesting topics you can discuss on your blog.

Take a look at some of the most interesting blog topic ideas you can talk about:

  • Fitness and health for busy people
  • Self-hypnosis or self-improvement
  • Writing style
  • Language learning
  • Travel on a budget
  • Self-defense
  • Personal development including pursuing ambitions and passions
  • Rescued animals
  • Communication skills and social dynamics
  • Recipes for couples with no kids
  • Working in unusual fields of expertise with location independence
  • Guide for men on how to communicate with women
  • Special types of foods
  • Use of technologies for small businesses
  • Entrepreneurial education for adults and young children
  • Cyberbullying or bullying
  • Bodyweight training
  • Behavioral disorders of children
  • Starting a DIY project
  • Starting a new business from homemade products
  • How to be a true and real friend
  • How to make a marriage stronger
  • Getting Microsoft and VMWare Certified
  • Jobs versus Careers
  • Triathlon training
  • Beyond the fundamentals of personal financial management
  • Self-sustaining lifestyle
  • Hamburgers
  • Mind strengthening
  • Ghost hunting
  • Healthy eating
  • Homebrewing beer
  • Development of indie video games
  • Self-defense training for children, women, or business executives
  • Help tips for small businesses to get more customers
  • Video game tactics through video tutorials
  • How to start and run your own social network
  • Urban farming or community gardening
  • Website and blog design for non-designers
  • Point-and-shoot photography
  • Self-employment
  • Make good online videos
  • Art of getting what you want
  • Rapid language learning
  • How to write an eBook
  • How to feel awesome by losing weight
  • How to improve your writing
  • Vegan diet
  • Interior design
  • Apartment living
  • Cycling particularly urban commuting
  • How to eat organic on a budget
  • Sports photography
  • How to become a popular rock star
  • Health-conscious, minimalist, and high mileage traveling
  • College planning for the homeschoolers
  • Life coaching or life skills for students in high school
  • Public speaking
  • Family-centric topics
  • How to play instruments
  • How to become a wine connoisseur
  • How to be an eSports trainer


We apologize that our first blog post idea list is a bit unorganized but this should help you get started. These are just some of the most exciting topics if you want to start your own blog. You might think all this blog stuff is challenging, but don’t give up. Give it at least 12 months! Try to start your blogging journey with a simple plan.